Nicholas Morley

Success isn’t measured by how long you work, but how hard you work to achieve your goal. Persistence and determination are the two steps to reach the level you have always dreamt for, and nothing can match the efforts and hard work you have made to achieve your desired goal. Nicholas Morley has a clear perception of his goal that allows him to become one of the most renowned architects in the Bristol and Bath.

Educational Background

In his young age, he developed a special bond with the architectural field, which later became his inspiration and led him to pursue a career in the field of architecture.

In the year 1992, he completed graduation from a renowned university, Manchester University. Moreover, in the year 1994, he has qualified the Part 3 professional Examination from Bath University, it is compulsory to be a professional Chartered Architect. 

For his immense dedication and hard work in the field, He has got honored by becoming a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects In the year 1997. 


With the creative approach and sharp skills, Nick shapes innovative ideas that made his work remarkable. In the initial years of his career, he worked with a number of reputed consultancies in order to polish his extraordinary skills. He always praised by his clients and consultancies for his creativity and high-quality work.  

His entire architectural practice is based on the renovation, modification, and specialization of various properties such as residential extension and real estate properties. His vast knowledge and experience help him to chase his desired goal of becoming a renowned architect in the field.

He leaves no stone unturned to follow his interest and after serving several organizations, he founded his own architectural firm and named Nicholas Morley Architects in the year 2008. Under his proper guidance and support, his firm offers a wide range of services to their private clients and developers in the Bristol and Bath.

Nicholas Morley Architects

As the founder of Nicholas Morley Architects, Nick has a clear motive to offer accurate services to his clients that meet their satisfaction level. As a reputed service provider, he has offered a full range of valuable services that are mentioned below:

  • Planning applications
  • Masterplanning
  • Working drawings
  • Development appraisals
  • Feasibility studies
  • Sketch scheme designs
  • Building regulations applications
  • Planning appeals
  • Site inspection
  • Project monitoring
  • 3-D Visualizations

In addition to this, he offers special guidance and support to his client and solves difficult planning problems including enforcement actions and appeals that fulfill the specific requirements of a client. 

The unique skill set of Nicholas Morley allows him to shape incredible architectural projects and numerous potential sites that made his work more visible and creative. With his creative and attentive approach, he converted the famous Winchester Library into 14 luxury apartments and has been honored with the 2011 Evening Standard New Awards.


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