Eleven small tattoo ideas & designs to try right now! Are you eager to complete one? Check them out and choose your favourites!

Little tattoos have grown in popularity in recent years. Everyone on Instagram seems to have one, and it’s simple to see why. They’re tiny and adorable, and they’re easy to conceal in locations like the hips, collarbones, and even behind the ear if desired. 

These small creativities also less expensive than more elaborate designs, and they’re an excellent first tattoo if you’re nervous about the whole thing. A little tattoo is just as permanent as a large one, so be sure you like it before having one.

Are you willing to give it a shot? This is why we’ve gathered all of the ideas, from simple love tattoos to humorous bestie ink. Here are 11 of the most petite tattoos ever you can get in most of the tattoo shops in London.

  • Miniature Heart Tattoo

What is my favourite element of this little tattoo? The thumb’s peculiar location on the outside. Regularly applying sunscreen-containing hand lotion to your hands will help protect your ink from the sun’s harmful rays.

  • A Little Floral Tattoo.

This charming tiny flower tattoo is ideal if you want little, carefully made tattoos. It’s excellent for a bit of tattoo on your arm, shoulder, or any other region of your body.

  • A Star Tattoo

Only someone paying close attention would see this modest yet gorgeous tattoo. Is this something you’d be interested in? Cool. Avoid slathering on lotions for the first few days after getting a tattoo, and then apply a specific tattoo lotion when the skin starts to flake.

  • Intricate Butterflies Tattoo for Women

This little butterfly tattoo is an excellent alternative if you don’t like stars and flowers. It manages to be incredibly detailed despite its small size and subtlety. Isn’t it impressive?

  • Tiny Bird Tattoos

You don’t have to stick to a single design if you get a little tattoo. With these bird tattoos, you may achieve a larger pattern without taking up too much space.

  • Block Letters Tattoo

Block-letter tattoos, rather than cursive or script, are my particular favourite. This small tattoo has some of the prettiest lines I’ve ever seen. So take a screenshot of this picture, select a word, and email it to your favourite tattoo artist right now.

  • Outline Of A Canine Tattoo

Getting a tattoo of your pet’s silhouette is an excellent way to remember them. This small tattoo design for a dog or cat tattoo is a lovely way to keep them near to your heart forever.

  • Paw-Print Tattoos Are Adorable!

Try one of these little paw prints if you want to honour your dog but don’t want a silhouette.

  • Small Ripple Tattoo

Get a small tattoo on the outside of your ankle to cover up your tattoo (if and when you want it to be there). This output waveform also looks fantastic in white ink.

  • Tiny Flames Drawn On The Skin

Getting a tattoo like this will serve as a continual reminder that you are, in fact, fire. Because it is a simple, linear pattern, you won’t need to visit the tattoo parlour multiple times.

A Baby Lion Tattoo

A tiny lion tattoo is so exquisite that it’s difficult to imagine it fit on a finger, aside from the fact that having a lion’s head on your hand is just incredible.

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