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Recently, Google has launched a new website performance measurement technique called the Page Speed Insight (PSI), which assesses the performance of a webpage and suggests possible improvements. This highly anticipated feature was first revealed in 2019, and after performing various beta tests, the current version was released in the market. This update is devised to upgrade the user experience by improving efficiency as well as the speed of a website.

These PSI reports let the users identify the problems causing the loading time delays. The proper analysis helps the users to address the issues and optimize their website, which ensures a better user experience. If utilized correctly, this feature has immense potential to improve the SEO for a website and maximize the traffic. A seasoned local SEO company has the efficiency to use this technique effectively in improving overall website performance.

There are several benefits of using the PSI reports for search engine optimization:

Single Location For All Performance Related Information

PSI Report creates a single location where all the website performance-related information is stored. The user can easily access all these data at his convenience, and the structured database provides better analysis. This is an extra convenience that proves to be beneficial for the search engine optimization process.

It also provides historical data related to past issues and improvements, which allows the users to reflect on the fixes that have been implemented earlier. They can also put to use those data as input towards creating new web optimization strategies as well as a reference for identifying and fixing potential new problems.

Improved Web Performance

Website performance is greatly dependent on its loading speed and it is analyzed based on both desktop and mobile user data. Having a good speed is significant for mobile websites as well because mobile page speed is an important Google ranking factor for mobile search results. In fact, cell phones account for almost 52% of webpage views worldwide.

Due to the heavy volume of mobile internet users, Smartphone web performance insights are beneficial for SEO as they represent a majority of all website traffic. PSI reports can help in identifying the problem areas that are causing the slow loading and take necessary actions for improving web performance.

Increased Google Ranking

The speed of a webpage is a crucial element that contributes to improving Google ranking. Past case studies point out the direct connection between a webpage loading time and certain metrics like bounce rates, conversion rates, etc. Researches show that a website loses 10% of its users for every additional second taken to load a page.

In fact, with the increase in page loading time, the bounce rate also escalates by 106%. This shows that webpage loading time is essential in capturing and maintaining the visitors’ attention. Working on the issues marked by the PSI reports can help in overcoming these problems and boost Google ranking.


Even though the Page Speed Insight Report is a valuable resource for search engine optimization, employing the local SEO Company is the wisest thing to do. Their extensive experience in this helps them in utilizing this website performance measurement technique to optimize web pages in a positive way that increases traffic and conversion rates. They also have the latest updated versions of most SEO tools and are experts in applying them appropriately for the client’s benefit.