You always want your special days to be exciting and unique. Your wedding is one of the most important and, special days for each one of you. You must have planned a lot of interesting things for that day, but on every occasion, the main presentation is your cake. Cake cutting is the show-stopping moment of every celebration.

 Nowadays, you have a variety of custom wedding cake toppers available. It enhances the look of your cake and makes it more presentable.

 So, here are Top 5 unique custom toppers for your wedding you must know:

  • Mr. & Mrs.: This can be the simplest and elegant topper for your wedding cake, representing you are married now. This topper is perfect for you if you want your cake to be minimal and classier. You can get a variety in this particular type, like in shapes, colors, or different types of fonts.
  • Just Married: This is another topper that can make your cake look different. Just married represents a couple that is recently married. It adds a romantic touch to your cake. There can be various types and designs available for this topper. People prefer this topper as it looks very sober and decent. 
  • Best Day Ever: Of course, the day of your wedding is the best day for you, so it can be a good option for you to select it as your cake topper. If your cake is quite large then instead of small toppers this topper will fit on your cake. If the size of the topper and cake will match then, it gives a standard look. 
  • Hooray: Your wedding day is not only the best day but also the happiest one. This hooray topper can show your happiness through it. The specialty of this topper is that it can be used, for others occasions too. This topper would surely bring a smile to everyone’s face.
  • Beach wedding figurine: This is the type of topper that can be an eye-catcher and outstanding. If you are planning for a destination wedding, then this is the one you should focus on. It looks amazing, on your wedding cake as it will describe your wedding style, and that makes it a unique one.


Are you looking for cake toppers ideas for your wedding cake? There is a variety of them available nowadays as they make your cake a special one on your special occasion. Some of the custom wedding cake toppers are mentioned above. They can enhance the beauty of your wedding cake and specifically describe the occasion. They are very satisfying and can make your celebration more worthy.