Any chemist worth his or her salt knows how difficult it is to obtain repeatable results under time constraints. You want to do the greatest chemistry possible, but it’s difficult to keep track of your hand reactions carefully enough to reproduce them again and again due to deadlines, hazardous chemicals, juggling other projects, and financial restraints.

As much as we hate to admit it, routine lab work may be boring. You shouldn’t have to go through an hour-long experiment just so you may tinker with the thermostat when you need to. It’s annoying, and it makes it hard to concentrate on anything else at the moment.

Please continue reading as we list the five most compelling arguments in favor of chemical automation.

  1. More Work Gets Done

Small changes are common in chemistry investigations. Automated chemical reaction devices do these tweaks automatically, so you may focus on other tasks or conduct research. Make elaborate, multi-step recipes to instruct the program on precisely when to make adjustments to factors like temperature, stirring, dosage, and more. Standardize your processes and save your favorite recipes for later usage.

Put your experiments on autopilot on a Friday and let them run uninterrupted over the weekend. The automation program may serve as a trusted weekend chemical helper thanks to built-in safety safeguards that keep an eye on your processes.

  1. The findings are consistent

The chemistry of a scientist is the standard by which they are evaluated. With the help of an automated chemistry system, you may fine-tune the circumstances under which a reaction occurs, minimizing the chance of human mistakes and increasing your trust in the findings.

The automation program keeps tabs on every factor of your experiment. Data is then shown for ease of use and dissemination.

  1. Improved workplace safety

There will be fewer mishaps in your lab because of the automation. The system may be equipped with alerts to warn you of impending danger and shut down automatically if certain thresholds are reached. No need to worry about the program making a critical error because it’s weary or has to use the restroom.

  1. Reduce costs, shorten research times, and free up lab space

Some people are turned off by the fact that automated chemical reaction devices are more expensive than manual ones. Chemists who consider the long-term benefits of a move rather than just the immediate costs often come to the conclusion that making the change is the best option.

Automated jacketed reactors may be utilized for several chemical reactions, lowering the number of reactors required in a laboratory. Automated chemistry systems are reasonably priced when one factor in the time savings, increased lab worker engagement, and enhanced experimental precision.

  1. Useful downtime

You chose to become a chemist because you like reading scientific papers and Application Notes, but there are times when you need a break from the lab. With automated chemical reaction device reactors, you may simply set the conditions for your experiment and leave the lab for a while without interrupting the process.


Are you curious about the potential advantages of chemical automation for your lab? Automated chemistry systems by Tekmatic Inc. may be purchased as automated jacketed reactors designed specifically for this purpose, or your current manual jacketed reactors can be retrofitted with an automation system. Almost every aspect of your experiment may be managed or monitored by either method.