One of the most important investments that your business can make is in your technology’s safety, functionality, and effectiveness. An in-house team may be able to support your business; however, outsourcing often brings more long-term benefits. An IT service Memphis provider who takes the time to understand and work with you to accomplish your business’s goals can be precious, even beyond the 5 benefits listed below.

High Return On Investment

An IT service provider offers far more resources to benefit your business for the exact cost of a small in-house team. An IT service Memphis can offer a much larger team of IT professionals and access to the most cutting-edge technology solutions to empower your business. They are also often more effective at protecting your organization from cyber threats. IT service providers offer far more resources and, thus, value than a conventional in-house IT team can for the same price point.


By outsourcing the management of your IT, your business can focus on your core offering. Time spent training new IT employees is transferred to the IT service providers. They will also ensure that your business adheres to your industry’s standards and regulations, once again saving you time and resources. Additionally, outsourcing to an IT service Memphis will ensure that your technology is properly maintained, thus reducing outages and increasing up-time for your employees.

Increased Productivity

You may have individuals on staff with IT experience who were hired to develop programs or train employees. However, it is easy for them to get sidetracked with miscellaneous requests from coworkers, such as asking for help with log-in issues, thus causing a loss in productivity.

Outsourcing to a managed IT services company provides your employees with a dedicated helpline to call when they have IT issues. In turn, this allows your retainer IT staff to focus on the tasks they were hired to perform.

Cloud-Based Services

Fear of a security breach is a significant hindrance for most businesses considering moving to cloud-based platforms. However, cloud-based access is imperative for users who need to access websites and accounts via mobile devices. The cloud also enables your employees to work remotely and access your network while travelling. An IT service provider can not only help you securely move to a cloud-based platform but will also manage its upkeep going forward.

Better Management of Up-Time

Every IT system needs to be updated regularly to increase efficiency and avoid downtime. To maximize up-time during the regular workday, system updates typically need to be done after hours. With an in-house team, this can often lead to overtime expenses.

With information technology outsourcing, a team of qualified professionals will perform the upgrades remotely when it is least disruptive to your staff. Up-time will be maintained, or even increased, with no additional overtime costs.
Switching to an IT Service Memphis Provider can be an extremely cost-effective and efficient solution to the problems posed by typical in-house IT teams. With expertise that grows daily, IT services provide businesses with technology solutions that allow them to focus on pursuing their business’s goals instead of worrying about their IT.