We all have rough ideas of how summertime be like. So whenever it is hot outside, it simply means it is a perfect time for you to grab a cool summer alcoholic drink, preferably a refreshing, boozing cocktail. Have you ever thought of a summer alcoholic drink and wonder what should be the best drink for you? Do not hesitate as this article got you covered. For a perfect summer alcoholic drink, it is always a colorful drink packed with flavor just for refreshing you up. So be sure to create a colorful warm-weather cocktail that is not only tasty but also for fun using summer’s bounty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. With all ingredients provided, you can prepare and garnish an alcohol drink representing a Summer glass. Here are the popular top 5 summers alcoholic drinks for you.

Sweet Summer Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

Since melon comes into season early into mid-summer, it is a perfect choice to make a refreshing summer alcoholic drink.

Ingredients and preparation

You will need; 2 ounces vodka, 4 to 5 cubes of seeded melon, a 2-inch slice of lime peel, seltzer water, one teaspoon syrup, crushed ice, and a melon wedge for garnishing.

With these ingredients, muddle lime peel and melon in a cocktail shaker, add vodka and simple syrup along with ice, then give it a quick shake. Then strain the mixture into a glass half-filled with ice and top with water seltzer, and finally garnish with a watermelon wedge. Your drink is ready.

  • Summertime Sangria

It is not a drink but a classic summer alcoholic punch. You can prepare it yourself as either classic red sangria or white wine sangria. Summertime Sangria forms a perfect combination with fresh juice, wine, or spirit for a lazy afternoon sipping.

  • Smooth Strawberry Banana Daiquiri

It is a perfect selection for summer alcoholic seltzer, especially when strawberries are in season. However, you can consider selecting this during June.

If you would need to prepare it yourself, you will need to have 2 ounces rum,1 to 2 teaspoon syrup, juice from half lime, 2 ounces strawberry, 2 inches banana, and sliced strawberries and lime for garnishing, then pour it into a glass and garnish it sliced strawberries and lime. Then, your drink should be ready.

with all ingredients ready with you, pour all the ingredients in blender and puree till they are fully mixed,

  • Summer in a Glass

Whenever you hear of summer in a glass, frozen alcoholic blender drink should hit your brain. Its pleasure is always felt when you stick many fruit and booze in a blender with ice to make it an icy and tastier blender drink.

  • Refreshing Hawaiian Cocktails

Do you often spend your summertime at islands? Summer is always experienced at islands all year round, and therefore you will need to grab a whole host of Hawaiian Cocktails. With this alcoholic seltzer, you have all the freedom of trying either classic mai tai or any other blue favorite, preferably blue Hawaii.


Since there are various kinds of summer alcoholic drinks available for you, there is no need for you to get bored all along during summertime. So instead, grab your preferred summer alcoholic drink to not only refresh but also have fun.