JavaScript Developer

JavaScript (JS) is one of the most popular programming languages according to the Tiobe Index. Released in 1995, JavaScript revolutionized the internet by allowing developers to build dynamic websites.

Today, JavaScript is among the most sought-after skills among web developers. By using this programming language, you can add dynamic behavior to web pages and make them more interactive.

If you are someone looking to learn or master JavaScript, you need to get familiar with some effective tips that we are going to discuss in this article. However, before talking about those tips, let’s discuss why learning JavaScript is a good idea.

Reasons to Learn and Master JavaScript

Following are some primary reasons that support the decision of learning JavaScript:

  • JavaScript is a high-level language, and its syntax is simple and easy to learn.
  • As JavaScript runs within the browser, there is no need to set up an environment or install a compiler to execute JS code.
  • According to W3Techs, almost 98% of all websites use JavaScript. It indicates that the demand for JavaScript developers is high in the market.
  • By default, JS is a scripting language that is only suitable for client-side or front-end development. However, with Node.js, it becomes possible to use JavaScript for server-side or back-end development. Thus, it is possible to do full-stack development with JavaScript.

5 Effective Tips to Become a Proficient JavaScript Developer

Now, let’s discuss the best tips to become a better JavaScript developer.

1. Learn to Work with Plain JavaScript

For most beginners, it’s quite tempting to work with the best JavaScript frameworks and libraries and skip the complexity involved in writing code from scratch. However, if you do so, you will not be able to develop an in-depth understanding of JavaScript fundamentals.

To become a true JavaScript expert, you must work with plain JavaScript for some time before learning a library or a framework. Make sure you learn JS right from scratch and don’t shy away from its intricacies.

2. Be Curious

When it comes to JavaScript, there’s so much to learn. The more things you learn, the better it will be for your career.

As a JS developer, you need not limit your knowledge. You should be open to learning new things all the time. Simply learning a particular concept just to overcome a particular coding issue will not help you much in the long run.

If you are learning a library or a framework, make sure that you have enough curiosity to learn everything about it. In this way, it’ll become easier for you to master a library or framework.

Also, you should always keep yourself updated about the latest innovations related to JavaScript.

3. Get Familiar with the Best JavaScript Frameworks

Now, if you are well-versed with the concepts of JS, you need to learn the best JavaScript frameworks and libraries, such as Angular and React.

The main reason for adding them to your skills is that it’ll bring you a lot of opportunities to grow your career. However, it’s not practical to learn and master every popular JS framework and library. So, you need to master the ones that seem most relevant and interesting to you.

4. Learn from Your Mistakes

Making mistakes and learning from them is an endless process. Even if you have years of experience working as a developer, you’ll likely make mistakes that leave your code unexecuted.

Whenever there’s an issue with your code, instead of getting disappointed, you need to see it as an opportunity to learn something new. Also, whenever you get stuck while writing code, you should embrace it as an opportunity to grow yourself.

5. Take Help from Online Forums

The community of JavaScript developers is quite huge and there are several online forums where JS developers come together to help each other out. So, whenever you hit a problem that you are unable to solve on your own, it’s a good practice to share your issue on a forum.

Also, you should visit different forums and share your knowledge to help other developers overcome their issues. By becoming a forum member, it’ll become quite easy for you to expand your knowledge of the JavaScript programming language.

To Conclude it All

Along with CSS and HTML, JavaScript is the key technology that powers the modern world. Also, if you want to become an expert web developer, you need to learn JavaScript.

Whether you are learning JavaScript or are willing to become a competent JavaScript developer, the tips discussed above can come in handy.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you cannot become a JavaScript wizard overnight. You have to work hard and put effort constantly to boost your skills and emerge as a proficient JS developer.