It can be unpleasant to live with rising damp as it causes illness to the residents. Numerous reasons can damp smells in houses, but mildews are one of the main reason. Moisture, darkness, and lack of air circulation lead to the growth of mildews and moulds. They emit foul-smelling gases that are absorbed by furniture and the fabrics in the surroundings. So it would be best if you are looking for a specialist for damp proofing in Oxford and removing the wet smell from your home. 

Here are some tips to follow to remove the damp from your house:

Locate the Source of the Smell

You first need to locate the source from where the damp smell is coming. Try to get rid of the original as early as possible. It might be a fabric piece that has fallen on the floorboards which contain moulds. Use bleach and clean water to clean the affected area. Open all the cupboards, windows and closets to let the fresh and fabulous air enter. Sometimes it takes only clean air circulation or proper ventilation to remove the musty smell. 

Lemon Peels

A natural remedy for fresh air is lemon. Boil the lemon peels, use the lemon water and place them around the house and the affected area to give a lemony fragrance. You can use an electric fan to circulate the air and a sprayer to spritz the lemon water solution around your home. 

White Vinegar or Baking Powder

You can use diluted white vinegar to wash the fabric if it is the source of a damp smell. Also, you can soak the piece of cloth in the baking powder. One cup of white vinegar or baking powder is enough to wash a regular load of damp clothes. If the fabric can be bleached, use any bleach to get rid of the musty smell. You can also use baking soda, white vinegar, and bleach to clean the refrigerators and oven that contain mildews. 

Clean the Walls

If the source is a wall, use a washcloth and make the mixture using baking powder and water to scrub off the moulds to help absorb an awful smell. Replace all the broken leakages to prevent mould growth. Clean the floor with a damp cloth thoroughly and use bleach to ensure all the humidity and dust is gone. It makes sure that there won’t be any growth of mildews and moulds. Damp-proofing your house in Oxford can also help eliminate mildews and moulds and thus their smell. 

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Often carpets harbour musty smells from the surrounding, especially when they are full of dust and dirt. Therefore, they need to be cleaned by professionals. Pour the baking soda over carpets and wait for at least 15 minutes before you vacuum them. It makes carpets look fresher and also removes odour from them. 

To Wrap up

With the above tips and tricks, you can have an idea of how to get rid of the musty, damp smell from your house. Getting rid of the source of dampness, using wet treatments, and damp proofing them is the foremost step you should be taking after detecting the basis of the smell.