The staff at BCFS Health and Human Services RSD understand the challenges families have faced during the pandemic. You and millions of others are cooped up in your homes and need outlets to engage with the outside world safely. The organization establishes educational and medical programs to empower family units and help those in need around the world. It leveraged this expertise to present six engaging socially distanced activities for families.

1 . Take a Walk

The simplest social distanced activity is also one that provides something for the entire family. Walking is heart healthy, helps you explore the neighborhood, and can reduce stress. It also encourages you to talk with your family at a relaxed pace away from screens and Zoom calls.

2 . Start Playing Tennis

Tennis is an ideal social distancing activity because people are naturally spaced apart. Even if another family is using an adjacent court, there’s still plenty of space for you and the kids to play and enjoy the fresh air.

3 . Create a Movie Theater Experience

If you have a backyard space, you can invite a small handful of friends over to enjoy a distanced movie night. With a projector and a white sheet (or screen), you can enjoy movies on the “little big screen.” Adding some outdoor speakers can further create the movie theater experience. Pass out hand sanitizer and avoid shared snacks for an ideal distanced activity.

4 . Run a Videogame Tournament

Another fun use for an outdoor movie theater setup is to play video games on the projector. Invite some of your kids’ friends over to take turns playing favorite games. Or have a few grownups together for some distanced Mario Kart racing. You can setup bean bags or chairs within circles that are eight feet or more apart to ensure distancing.

5 . Learn about Geocaching

In case you’re unfamiliar, geocaching is like a large-scale scavenger hunt where you use GPS to find items that might include small treasures or toys. It’s a great activity for families, just remember a golden geocaching rule: if you find a treasure you replace it!

6 . Tackle a Home Improvement Job

While you won’t have your four-year-old running the circular saw, you can still engage younger kids with projects around the house. They can pick a paint color for their rooms or grab a hammer and help you demolish the old bathroom tile counters. Home improvement projects big or small are a way to involve the whole family, burn some energy, and improve your living space.