Transporting a vehicle safely and securely is critical, whether you’re shipping your car across the country or town. That’s why it’s essential to take the time to choose the suitable vehicle transport carriers that fit your needs. Here are seven tips to help guide you in selecting the suitable vehicle transporter:

1. Research Your Options

You should do some research before choosing a transport company for your vehicles. Check out their websites, read customer reviews, contact friends and family who have used their services, and ask questions about their experience with the carrier.

2. Ask About Insurance Coverage

Make sure that every auto transport carrier you consider carries entire liability and cargo insurance as stated by federal regulations. Request proof of coverage from each one before you make your final decision.

3. Determine Your Vehicle’s Transport Method

Your vehicle will be transported in one of two ways: open or enclosed transport. The latter ensures complete protection from road and weather conditions. However, it tends to cost more than open auto shipping. Consider your budget when choosing which method is best for you.

4. Understand the Cost

Auto transporting isn’t a cheap service, and various factors influence the price – such as distance, vehicle size, seasonality, and extra services required if any (e.g., pick-up or delivery). Get an estimate from several carriers before committing to one to compare prices and get the best deal possible.

5. Pay Attention to Scheduling

Find out how long the vehicle transport will take and when to expect delivery. Make sure to ask if there is any flexibility with scheduling in case of an emergency or unforeseen delays.

6. Find Out About Additional Services

In addition to the vehicle transporting services, some auto transport companies also offer additional services such as vehicle storage, car detailing, and more. Ask about these services and ensure they are included in the total cost before signing a contract with a carrier.

7. Request Proof of Delivery

Ensure your vehicle transporter provides proof of delivery once it has reached its destination. That includes either electronic documentation or a receipt from the recipient stating that the vehicle was received in good condition.

Different services offered by vehicle transport carriers

1. Door-to-door shipping

One of the most popular vehicle transport services is door-to-door shipping. This service provides vehicle pick-up and delivery directly to the customer’s location of choice.

2. Enclosed vehicle transportation

This type of vehicle transport offers more protection for luxury vehicles, classic cars, and other high-value vehicles. The vehicle is shipped inside an enclosed trailer to provide maximum protection from weather conditions and debris during the transit.

3. Expedited auto transport

For customers who require fast auto shipping services, many vehicle transport carriers offer expedited transportation options that promise quicker delivery times than standard vehicle transport services.

4. International vehicle shipping

International vehicle shipping is available through vehicle transport carriers if you need to ship a vehicle overseas. This type of vehicle shipping requires additional paperwork and can be more expensive because vehicle transporters need to follow different regulations in each country they travel through.

5. Vehicle storage services

Many vehicle transport companies offer vehicle storage services that allow customers to store their vehicles with the transporter during the transit period. Vehicles are stored in a secure, climate-controlled facility until delivery is ready.

Bottom line

By researching and comparing auto transport carriers, you will be sure to find a vehicle transport carrier that meets your needs and budget. A reliable vehicle transporter will ensure the safe transportation of your vehicle from point A to point B with minimal stress and hassle for you.