What does hip hop mean to the world? not just the people of Milwaukee. How does it affect a community, place, and city? Why is it growing so rapidly more than any other culture? 

Millions of stories and articles have been published since hip hop came. Some bad, some good, advantages, disadvantages, effects, causes, different perspectives and ideologies, all kinds of stuff is there. Still, the question of why this kind of culture is more attractive to youths is unanswered. The question Is it necessary to have that kind of freedom and is good for the community has been raised since 1970 when hip hop came into action. Today let’s try to solve these mysteries through hip-hop music in Milwaukee. 

Introduction to Milwaukee hip-hop culture

Milwaukee is one of the places where hip hop started to evolve and take the shape back in the late 70s and early 80s. There is a long and strong connection between hip hop and Milwaukee. 

If we look deeper into the history of hip hop music in Milwaukee we will find the limited world vision and lack of newness including outdated fashion, gray skies, and decaying infrastructure when it started. There could be possible reasons for not thriving fully at that time in the hip-hop scene of Milwaukee. Reasons like label money, deprivation of hip hop knowledge and culture, absence of ideals to follow, narrow worldview, and many more. Besides having a slim history of hip hop music in Milwaukee, hip hop artists of Milwaukee have been able to make a popular name and robust place in hip hop culture. 

The arrival of modern hip hops in Milwaukee.

Making a name in the field of hip hop is quite difficult for artists of any region. Nowadays plenty of the youth crowd is attracted and inclined towards hip hop culture and so Milwaukee artists are.

Today most of the globe understands and listens to hip hop music whether it’s for their motivation, enjoyment, or to keep up with the trend. 

Milwaukee artists have managed to secure the top places of being trendsetters in hip-hop fashion. Through their hard work, they have been able to bring modernity and marked Milwaukee’s official arrival in the world of hip hop. A bunch of rappers, producers, and videographers are coming forward to contribute their part to art and take Milwaukee hip-hop music to the top of the world. The time is not far when rap of Milwaukee becomes everyone’s choice. 

860today takes you closer to Milwaukee’s world of hip-hop music 

Many people didn’t know the process of making hip hop music in Milwaukee started after the few years of the advent of hip hop in the world. ‘A -Tack on the Wax’ the starter of hip hop culture in Milwaukee and ‘Class A’ the first song somebody rapped on came out in the early 80’ but people didn’t know about it. Earlier the scope of expansion was not much in Milwaukee due to the lack of several amenities. But today it has grown much more than they could have dreamed of and for much better expansion Milwaukee is celebrating its second hip hop week MKE to recognize hip hop for its ability and power to make a change.

860 today is here to support local artists and bring attention to them. There is a huge growing scene of hip-hop music in Milwaukee. You can listen to all the hip-hops of Milwaukee as well as others too. We are solely dedicated to serving Milwaukee hip hop and deliver their songs extensively as much as we can do.