If babouche slippers have a back, you should be able to flatten it and wear it as a mule. Authentic babouches are constructed of goatskin, sheepskin, camel hide, and cowhide. Leather uppers are often sequined, bejeweled, tasseled, embroidered, or hand-loomed.

Considerations for Buying a Pair of Babouche Slippers

Babouche slippers come in many styles and hues. Here is how to choose babouche slippers.

·         The kind – 

When selecting babouche slippers, consider if you’ll wear them indoors or outside. Unless you have hardwood flooring, choose softer soles for indoor use. Outdoor babouches should have strong soles to protect the feet.

·         The style – 

Before buying babouches, consider their design. Some have rounder toes, while others are pointy. You may explore different styles of Babouche Slipper on “BABOS” (wwwmybabos.com).

·         The fit – 

Fitting babouche slippers determines comfort. Try on the pair you want to buy. You can’t expect babouche slippers online will be the same size as your shoes or sandals. Buy shoes that fit snugly and don’t wiggle. Babouche slippers are stiff initially, but they expand and conform to your feet over time. They feel custom-made for your feet in no time.

·         The color – 

The color of babouche slippers depends on personal style and preferences. Some designs are solid matte colors, while others contain elaborate patterns and embroidery.

Care for babouche slippers 

The fragile leather used to produce babouche slippers must be treated carefully.

·         Polish – 

Polish is mainly for keeping slippers shiny, not safeguarding them. Consider a polish with a hydrating aspect to prevent premature leather aging. Polishing depends on your preferences, but do not overdo it.

·         Cream/conditioner – 

Leather cream or conditioner keeps your babouche slippers’ leather from drying out and breaking. Conditioners do not have waterproofing characteristics, but some do. Leather conditioners are lotion-like, so they are easy to rub in. The conditioner will be absorbed and strengthen the leather. Condition the leather every few months, depending on its condition.

·         Waterproofing – 

Waxing your babouches repels water and snow. You won’t need to apply wax often because it’s resilient.

·         Wet rag – 

Once or twice a week, use a moist cloth to clean your babouche slippers. Soap degrades leather over time.

·         Ventilation – 

Ventilating leather prevents mildew. Breathability prevents mildew growth. Putting your babouche slippers in plastic bags might lead to mildew damage. Use the packaging for storage or travel.

·         Avoid heat/sunlight – 

Using a hair dryer or heater to dry damp babouche slippers is tempting. It will simply shrink and dry out rapidly. Instead, let them dry naturally, even if it takes longer than you may prefer.

Keep slippers out of direct sunlight. Sun-exposed soft leather dries and cracks easily.

·         Always try first – 

Always test a small area before conditioning or polishing babouche slippers. Let the therapy dry for 24 hours and check for any noticeable changes. This may seem like a lot of labor, but it will save your shoes from getting potentially damaged.

Final Words…!!!

Babouche slippers are perfect for anyone who desires footwear that is comfy and elegant at the same time and easy maintenance. In addition to being a unique way to make a fashion statement throughout the summer, they are fantastic to wear indoors because of the slip-on style and how easy they are to walk around in. All in all, they are worth your attention. So you may get your first pair of stylish Babouche Slipper at genuine price from “BABOS” (wwwmybabos.com).