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According to legend and maybe a little fact, the Original babouche slipper first appeared in 12th-century Vietnam, when tyrannical rulers would make their slaves wear thin-soled shoes to prevent them from escaping the rugged terrain beyond their palaces. These shoes are characterised by a pointed, sometimes court-jester-curled toe, a soft, sock-like construction, and a wide array of bright, locally tanned colors.

The ubiquitous babouche—a small, lightweight shoe with a classic design—means you probably own a pair or 10. It’s not just a great value and easy to use; it’s also one of Morocco’s most prized exports and a source of national pride in the Arab world. A pair of babouche slippers just right for your needs can be found by following this easy procedure.

  •  The Right Type – 

Think about where you’ll wear your new babouche before buying them. The soles of indoor babouche will be softer, while those of outdoor babouche will be harder.

  • The Right Style – 

Then, think about the colors and patterns you could use for your indoor/outdoor babouche. They come in various shapes and styles, including those with pointy and rounded toes. Embroideries and prints range from simple solid colors to elaborately detailed motifs. Explore the most stylish and trendy Babouche Slipper on “BABOS” (

  • The Good Fit – 

Next, select a pair of babouches that fits you well. You can’t only go by the size of your shoe or sandal when picking out a babouche. Finding a pair that snugly covers your feet without much freedom to move around is the key to getting the proper size. Initially, babouche may feel somewhat rigid, but they soon soften and conform to your feet. A pair of babouche will fit your feet like a glove when worn in.

  • The Right Suit – 

The first thing you should do is sample some of your favorite babouche. When deciding on the size of your babouche, you can follow different procedures than you would with sneakers or sandals. The most important thing is to find a pair that fits your footwear style and doesn’t have any trash on them. Foot slings are designed to be rigid at first use, then soften and conform to the foot over time. The “worked-in” babouches you choose should look like they were made for your specific foot.

Selecting the Ideal Pair of Moroccan Babouche

A good pair of babouches can go without being replaced for a while. Not only do visitors love the babouche, but many Moroccans do it at home and out. Ask a local or go to a store frequented by locals if you want to know where to find the tastiest babouche.

You may also tell what’s in style by looking at the color and pattern of the locals’ babouches. To keep up with the latest fashion among Moroccan males, I recently bought a pair of brown pointed babouche with simple embroidery on my trip to Fes. It’s up to you to decide if you want to follow the current style or find something that better expresses who you are. Finding the perfect babouche can be a ton of fun in and of itself. Enjoy your time out shopping.

Final Words…!!!

Everyone can benefit from a pair of Babouche slippers because they are both cozy and fashionable. The slip-on style and comfortable soles make them ideal for wearing indoors and outside, making them a novel way to make a summertime fashion statement. Taking everything into account, they need serious thought. Visit “BABOS” ( once, and you will be surprised by its long & quality range of Babouche slipper.