paper cups

Step by step, Paper cups have made their place in everyone’s life. Whether hospitals, commercial centers, schools, offices, weddings, or small functions, paper can be seen in different shapes, colors, and uses. These cups are used for cold drinks, hot drinks, eating ice cream, etc. Let’s know in detail what are the types and advantages of using paper cups.

What is a paper cup?

A paper cup is a disposable cup made up of paper usually lined with a little bit of wax or plastic so that the liquid might get leaked out or get soaked through the paper. These paper cups might be made using recycled paper. These cups are used to avoid infection, maintain hygiene and make life a little bit comfortable.

Types of Paper Cups

Following are different types of paper cups that can be easily seen everywhere –

1.    Single Wall Cups: These cups are most commonly used for hot beverages. These cups are made from high-quality food-grade paper.

2.    Double Wall Cups: These are used for mobile drinks. Double-wall cups are made with an air barrier between the outer and inner paper wall that creates an insulating air pocket to keep the drink warm for an extended period and from the heat emitted from the hot beverages. Thus protecting the hands from burning and offering more stability while moving the drink.

3.    Eco Paper Cups: These cups are also called recycled paper cups. These cups are produced from virgin fibers-safe and hygienic products 

4.    Ice Cream/Soup Cups – These cups are 100% compostable and come in various sizes. They can be used for either serving soup or ice cream. 

Benefits of Using Paper Cups

Here are different advantages of using paper cups in our day to day life –

Environmental Friendly – 

With a deteriorating environment and alarming global warming conditions, the most common factor for everyone to keep in mind is using environmentally friendly things. Everyone should try to use things whose materials are biodegradable. So, as the paper cups are made of disposable materials, these cups decompose pretty quickly and thus making them eco-friendly. If used in the right way, these cups can also be recycled. Also, these cups are made from the tree’s pulp and water, thus making them non-toxic.

Most Convenient – 

The disposable cups are very convenient to carry and use. You can carry them around according to your wish as they are light-weighted. It will also help reduce the burden of washing piles of glasses and cups during any home gatherings and functions. Also, using these cups will help avoid heavy luggage when planning to go for an outing. Paper cups are easy to carry, and the packages of these cups are also convenient to carry around.

Very Safe –

Compared with plastic and Styrofoam cups, paper cups are safer for both cold and hot beverages. 

Available in Variety –

Paper Cups come in markets in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes. Also, there are different designs like logo printed, cartoon designs, or designs of tea, coffee, or any other beverages.

Final Words…!!!

The market is full of disposal paper cups of different shapes, sizes, and designs to use for different purposes. So purchase the perfect paper cups as per the use and make your life a little comfortable.