Litica Australia - Philip Lomax

Litigation and arbitration are dispute resolution processes that focus on resolving legal problems. They’re also two of the most frequently used methods for handling disagreements between parties and have fundamental differences.

If you’re considering using one of these dispute resolution processes to handle a specific legal issue. Legal costs insurance is crucial for parties involved in Litigation and arbitration in such a case.

This article covers everything you need about commercial ATE insurance providers, Litica, Australia.

What is Litica?

Litica refers to the legal expenses’ insurance specialists. It is a UK-based company that provides insurance for commercial ATEs. 

A panel of A-rated insurers has helped Litica establish itself as one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial ATE insurance since its inception in 2019.

Services of Litica:

Litica offers its services to individuals and listed companies alike.

The services of Litica are as follows:

  • Litica issues policies underwritten by a panel of A-rated insurance partners. 
  • Litica partners with only quality insurers to ensure its clients’ insurance is capable of responding as needed.
  • It provides a range of products for law firms looking to get flexible funding without exposing themselves to too much risk.
  • In addition to professional, diligent underwriting, litica strives to provide excellent customer service to its clients. It believes quality cases deserve a quality product, which is what it delivers. 
  • Litica offers bespoke solutions to individuals, listed companies, law firms, and litigation funders.

About Litica expanded to Australia:

Due to the success of Litica’s litigation and arbitration legal cost insurance services in the UK, the company has decided to expand to Australia in 2022.

It aims to replicate its UK success by having a physical presence in Australia and locally authorized insurance backing, which is lacking in the Australian market.

Philip Lomax, a former LCM and Augusta Ventures investment manager, will lead the Australian operations.

Final thoughts:

Litica is a commercial ATE insurance specialist in the UK. With a clear focus on providing affordable liability protection, the company targets companies that do not have a current ATE policy. 

Owing to its success in the UK, in 2022, the company has decided to expand to Australia to benefit from the lack of locally authorized insurance in the Australian market.

Litica, Australia, offers high-quality ATE insurance, excellent customer service, and a key strategic objective of helping companies protect their assets.