Identifying the locations of air leaks is the first step in reducing the impact that air leaks have on energy consumption and expenses.

A smoke pencil is a battery-operated instrument that is used to detect and locate leaks in electrical wiring with the help of its smoke point. The smoke it produces exposes the flow of air in a given region, and the amount of smoke emitted may be adjusted by utilizing the tool’s multi-function trigger, which has a variety of functions.

It is small enough to fit in a pocket and can be locked, making it ideal for usage in confined spaces and storage.

Typically, to function, draught detectors must be powered by hazardous chemicals or flammables. The smoke pencil is different in that it creates the smoke that shows draughty regions using a non-toxic fluid rather than hazardous chemicals.

Water solution vapor, glycerin, and sweet-smelling glycol are the sole components of the fluid. It is considerably safer to use than another smoke tool.

Furthermore, if you need to travel for work, it may be transported by aircraft or sent without difficulty if necessary.

How can this assist me in conserving energy and money?

Using a smoke pencil can assist you in locating one of the most significant yet unseen sources of energy waste on your property. Air leaks Drafts, air leaks, gaps, and small cracks are all things to look out for.

  • Serve as an “empty” sign for creatures in your yard.
  • Allowing air to move in and out of your home throughout harsh weather seasons will result in inconsistent comfort levels.
  • It will cause you to lower or increase the thermostat to establish a sense of equilibrium in your house – when your energy bill grows; this will cause you to feel animosity towards your energy supplier.
  • It is possible to begin insulating your house and decreasing your energy consumption after the smoke puffer has identified the problem areas. A properly sealed house may save you up to 20% or more on your energy bills.

Is it safe for a homeowner to use, or is it exclusively for professionals?

There are many different kinds of smokestacks, and some of them employ potentially hazardous substances to generate smoke. The smoke pencil pro is quite safe to use and can be used by anyone. The smoke is composed of vaporized glycol and glycerin, which is non-toxic and has a pleasant aroma when inhaled.

There is no need for protective equipment to use its smoke point, and you may generate however much or how little smoke is required with no concern about poisons and pollutants entering your system (at least not from the smokestack).

Wrapping it up!

It is a non-toxic hand-held gadget that emits a puff or trail of white vapor after being held in one’s hand. It’s a little fog machine that fits in your pocket.

When it comes to finding air leaks, this gadget is utilized by heating and cooling specialists, energy raters, aviation mechanics, lab technicians, and a variety of other professions. Its smoke point is also used to produce special effects on the stage, by magicians, and by photographers to enhance their work.