Ami Shafrir is an internet entrepreneur who started investing in the Internet in 1994. He established a company, WorldSite networks Inc. in 1994-2000. He owned a 50,000 ft.² building at 8670 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills. 8670 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills50,000 ft.² building at 8670 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills. It was the first building in the area with a high-speed fiber connection to the Internet in the 1990s. After establishing his company in 1994, Amir aimed to provide Internet hosting, payment processing and website programming. WorldSite networks Inc. hosted websites for all major Hollywood studios, including Paramount and Warner Bros.

Amir Shafrir

WorldSite Networks Inc. has a subsidiary called ComBill, which processes payments on the Internet. It was known in the circle of Internet operators as it was the first firm in the history of the Internet to process real-time credit card transactions. With WorldSite network inc, amir partnered with banks and the city of Los Angeles, providing them with online payment systems. On the other hand, ComBill was a renowned worldwide network division. It provided billing services for companies on the Internet and Online financial transaction services, providing credit and debit information,  collection services, payment fraud detection and electronic funds transfers via computer networks for global computer information and online customers.

Ami’s vision was ahead of time following ComBills Internet billing platform. He pitched banks explaining that internet banking and billing are the future and in the future, leading to few physical bank branches and bank tellers. Despite many bankers laughing at him, his prediction turned out to be true as today’s world relies high on e-commerce and banking on the Internet. Currently, the billing industry is worth a multi-trillion dollar industry. In 1996, amir predicted the emergence of Internet currency such as Bitcoins, which was 10 years before it was invented. 

Amir also owned 75% of another billing company in Birmingham, Alabama, Federal Trance Tel. It is a prominent B2B long-distance provider for business applications, including toll-free and pay-per-call 900 numbers. The firm agreed with all US long-distance carriers, providing them billing services tens of millions of dollars per month.

A former conglomerate valued at $40 million was poised to become a multibillion-dollar enterprise. However, it all turned into rebellion and was destroyed by the crimes committed by the Nicherie brothers. Amir took charge of bringing the criminals to justice in cooperation with the criminal division of the IRS, FBI, Los Angeles US Attorney office and the criminal Department of the US Department of Labor.


From 2000-2004 due to the crimes committed by the Nicherie brothers,  Ami Shafrir was unfortunately dragged into 130 lawsuits and 15 bankruptcy cases due to the existence of shelf companies brought by the Nichere brothers that managed to forge Amis signatures. After a series of court proceedings, the Nichere brothers were eventually convicted and sent to jail.