Ami Shafrir

Humans are the only species who always ponder on finding deeper meaning and purpose in their life. And whoever figures out his passion, purpose, and meaning from their existential crisis, spends his time fulfilling that purpose in making that vision a reality. It’s because of the hard work and effort of these visionaries that the human species as a whole thrives and evolves.

Ami shafrir is one of those individuals who with his vision, persistence, and expertise in the field of internet and blockchain made many revolutionary ideas a reality. Shafrir is an internet entrepreneur and blockchain expert who started his entrepreneurial journey back in 1994 with his first company called WorldSite networks Inc. WorldSite was providing people with internet hosting services, Internet Payment Processing, and website Programming years before the people dive into the frenzy of the internet. At the time WorldSite was hosting websites for all the major studios including Paramount, Warner Bros, and has hosted many high-profile movies such as Independence Day.

In 1996, Shafrir Predicted that the world is doing its financial transactions online and started developing a payment platform which would later be called ComBill that would be the first company to process credit card transactions in real-time. Ami through his company WorldSite collaborated with Banks and the city of Los Angeles providing them with secure and fast online payment systems. Ami pioneered the internet banking and billing industry which today has grown into a trillion-dollar market.

Shafrir has had this curiosity and a keen interest in technology from his childhood. He started learning about electronic gadgets and making them when he was 10 and by the time he was 15, he was already mass-producing electronic gadgets for people’s personal use. After serving for 4 Years in the Israeli military and specializing in telecommunications. He decided to go towards the entrepreneurial field.

With his persistence and vision, Ami shafrir created a conglomerate of WordSite, ComBill & FTT( which was a B2B billing company) that was a force to be reckoned with, but a series of white-collar collar crimes committed by Nicherie Brothers Daniel and Abner Nicherie destroyed the conglomerate’s reputation and destroyed the $40 million empires which would have been a multi-billion dollar empire today. Ami Shafrir got dragged into 130 lawsuits and 15 bankruptcy cases because of the shelf companies bought by the Nicherie brothers by forging Shafrir’s signatures. Fortunately, after long court proceedings, Daniel and Abner Nicherie got convicted and sent to prison. Even though this phase was hard, Ami shafrir never lost hope and the visionary is now working on his next venture and vision in the field of blockchain. Shafrir believes that even though you lose everything in life, you can still stand up and start again because this time you won’t be starting from scratch but from experience.