The slick managing director of the illustrious real estate firm ABIL Group is well known for his tenacity and capacity for overcoming challenges. The ABIL Group was created by Avinash Bhosale, who is more passionate about the hospitality sector. Young and driven, Amit Bhosale is the managing director of the ABIL Group or Avinash Bhosale Infrastructure Limited. He has co-led the company with Avinash Bhosale and done so with extraordinary effectiveness. As a result, the business has grown its network and thrived in a variety of industries. The Real Estate and Hospitality Department of the ABIL Group is directed by Amit Bhosale. Amit successfully finished a rigorous programme at Les Roches in Switzerland to gain certification in the hotel industry. He worked in a hotel and got his first management experience there.

From purchasing the site to doing a market analysis to meeting with architects and advisors, he participated in every decision made there. He oversaw negotiations with hospitality brands, collaboration with structural engineers, obtaining penalties and commissions, and coordination with vendors and contractors during the construction process. One of the key actions ABIL has made recently is the purchase of an eight-story commercial building at Trafalgar Square, a prime location in London, for close to £100 million, or INR 900 crore. The hospitality industry of the firm enters foreign markets for the first time thanks to this investment.

He steers clear of B-towns and focuses on Tier-I cities and popular tourist destinations like Goa, London, etc. He disagrees with other hoteliers in that he believes that although land costs are lower in these places, development expenses are still expensive, customer spending power is lower than in cities, and housing issues, such as poor air quality, are a problem. After the design phase, Amit Bhosale enjoys taking a backseat and letting architects and construction workers handle the job. Next, plan your approach for positioning and selling a hotel project.