Jared Ekola

In his lifetime achievement, Jared Ekola also expressed his interest in organic food and food preparation, including supplements, craft, brewing, diet, and cooking. He has experience and expertise that would help him expand his knowledge in the food industry. He constantly researches more about food trends such as healthy foods and how to prepare them. Therefore working in fast food spots exposed him to different foods where he gained more interest in food and cooking. Following that, we’ve enlisted the best Pizza to consider for pizza lovers. Keep reading. 

  • Mushroom and Pepperoni: Antoinette Balzano

For over 93 years, the Totonno family has been making the best Pizza in New York City. They have a simple philosophy; as long as there’s dough, they’ll always bake you the best Pizza with the finest ingredients. Don’t hesitate to walk by and see why Zagat, the New York Times, and the James Beard Foundation have awarded Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitana as the Best Pizza in New York City. And it’s probably the best in the world. 

  • Italian Sausage Pan Pizza: Pequod’s Pizza

Locals enjoyed the hometown pizzeria for its unique atmosphere and great deep-dish Pizza. In June 1986, the founder and owner sold the pizzeria, which led to a rebirth with new leadership that reinvigorated the restaurant. They expanded the menu, and a savory thin crust pizza was added to the fabled pan pizza. In January 1992, a new chapter began the Pequod’s legend. Pequods opened in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago in return to plead many of the faithful customers. And in return, Pequod’s began to build a new cult following in the Windy City, quickly becoming known for late-night Pizza and delivering their world-class deep dish pizza.

  • Pizza Margherita: Una Pizza Napoletana

It is located in New York’s Lower East Side. The soon-to-open Una Pizza Napoletana is the sixth iteration of Anthony Mangieri’s pizzeria. Since its establishment, the focus has been on naturally-leavened, wood-fired pizzas. It complements a few appetizers, made-daily ice cream and seasonal sorbet, and a selection of Italian wines and beer. 


While Pizza is one of the universally loved dishes today and known to one and all, you know what’s the best Pizza to munch. According to Jared Ekola‘s extended exposure to the food industry, if you are a true pizza lover and ready to travel lengths for your food love, you already know some of the top places in the world to have the best Pizza.