Art Ocain
Art Ocain

Cyber ​​security is important because it includes everything related to protecting our data from cyber attackers who want to steal this information and use it to cause any harm. This can be sensitive data, governmental and industry information, personal information, personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, and protected health information (PHI). Having advanced cyber defense programs and mechanisms to protect this  data is important and in everyone’s interest.

With the rise of digital adaptation in industries the ransomware attacks have increased and so does the need to understand cybersecurity and implement the best measures. While many cannot learn the technical intricacies of cybersecurity. Art Ocain who is the president & COO of MePush and  experienced at leading IT operations, cybersecurity, and architecture teams share 5 tips that can help reduce the risk of increasing ransomware cyberattacks:

  • Go Beyond Basic Back-Ups: Businesses need to use systems that can take snapshots over time or store multiple versions of files created during the day so that they can be restored at a specific time. In the event of an attack, these efforts can reduce lost productivity. Security professionals also need to test their backups regularly to make sure that data is being restored and that there is time to restore. At shutdown, it tells the organization that it must be able to withstand a ransomware attack.

  • Segment the Network: Due to the expected increase in ransomware attacks, which are later to spread through the network, companies will have to segment their networks immediately in 2018 to prevent an attacker from attacking. Switching from one system to another.

  • Follow The principle Of Least Privilege: More companies are aware of the need to implement the principle of minimum permissions – limiting access rights to files to the minimum that users need for their work. This effort reduces the number of files that can be encrypted in the event of a ransomware attack.

  • Reduce Risk Of Initial Attack Vectors: Ransomware attackers need access to your system to attack. They ended this approach despite phishing schemes, uncorrected systems, and employee password reuse. Organizations should strive to reduce the likelihood of ransomware attacks by maintaining robust vulnerability management programs, reducing their attacks, and implementing other preventive measures.

  • Conduct Ransomware Simulations: The discovery of ransomware was, to say the least, a shocking experience. It tests an organization’s emotional responses to a crisis, development strategies, control skills, and communication skills, especially because the organization needs to interact with attackers. Test your organization’s response to ransomware attacks and find ways to improve your resilience.

As businesses become more and more digital, Its important that companies prepare to deal with hackers and cyberattacks. Art Ocain focuses on helping companies getting prepared to avoid and deal with this sophisticated attacks.