nanoliter liquid handling workstation

Liquid handling is the movement of liquid from one place to another. Transferring liquids from one place to another is the basis of most laboratory tests worldwide.

It is possible to transfer liquid in the laboratory in several ways. One method is to do it manually; another is to use a liquid handler.

With versatile, scalable, and affordable solutions that cater to a wide range of applications, laboratories across the biotech and pharmaceutical industries are now automating their liquid handling and dispensing capabilities. Laboratory liquid handling workstation systems have become a necessity.

A nanoliter liquid handling workstation provides many advantages over manual pipetting. Some of the benefits are higher throughput, better reproducibility, fewer repetitive stress injuries to humans, and protection from hazardous or infectious samples.

Reduce Manual Tasks

Save your time and focus on efforts where your expertise offers the most value. Automatic liquid handling systems are designed to speed up the pipetting and dispensing process while at the same time increasing the accuracy of workflows for different liquid types and volumes. By using a liquid handler, you are relieved of the extreme stress of manual handling. You can relieve muscle tension and joint pain by not performing repetitive manual tasks.

Fast, Accurate & Precise

Errors are virtually eliminated. Among your benefits: are improved consistency, better precision, and accuracy, topped off by less sample loss and reagent usage. The nanoliter liquid handling workstation, low dead volume, saves 10 times on reagents. Manual pipetting can compromise data quality and lead to costly reruns due to errors.

Eliminate Carry-Over & Contamination

Avoiding cross-contamination during manual pipetting is essential for reliable results but can be a tedious, time-consuming process. Automated liquid handling systems dramatically reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The technology lets droplets dispense into the target plate below the source plate and eliminates carryover and cross-contamination.

Save Costs & Plastic Tips

Using a liquid handler can save on pipette tips and our planet’s costs. The technology does not depend on pipette tips and transfers liquids directly into the source plate. Thus, there are no waiting times for the stock to arrive, enabling laboratories to save on costs and maximize budgets. In addition, the cloud platform technology has a simulation capability that allows users to identify any errors before starting, thus conserving precious samples.

Higher Throughput in Less Time

You can process up to 96 samples simultaneously at high speed compared to manual pipetting. You can also handle batches with many examples. Workflows are drastically streamlined so that entire protocols can be run in less time. The critical advantage is that it allows users to screen large compound libraries quickly and efficiently at a quick rate while saving a substantial amount of costs and increasing the throughput. Equipped with source wells, high-throughput experiments can be accomplished more productively and streamline your processes effectively.

Automated nanoliter liquid handling workstation systems are straightforward to use. Our simple software can be implemented quickly by anyone, anywhere. User-friendly computer interfaces with step-by-step guidance make programming and operation intuitive, dynamic, and accessible.