commercial swimming pool builders

The commercial swimming pool is the center of attraction for a significant crowd visiting any amusement park, hotel, fitness center, or resort. A commercial pool complex is still a favorite gathering spot. Whether a splash pad at the children’s park or a playful lazy river fountain at an apartment complex, everyone loves the lounging and relaxing excellent pool beside them. 

Therefore, constructing a pool in any business establishment comes under a commercial pool building, as the group of people commercially uses it. This process is entirely different from that of the residential pool building, and only seasoned professionals, those who are well versed in this field, can do this. 

The Commercial Swimming Pool Builders and Process

The commercial swiping pool builders work according to the size of the required commercial pool. The commercial pool construction project may take around six to twelve weeks, depending upon the requirements and features of the client. The project consists of various phases. 

The phases of constructing commercial swimming pools

Phase 1- Layout and elevation

When the clients have approved the plan, the pool builders start with the construction by setting the elevation and laying out of the swimming pool. 

Phase 2- excavation

The second phase is to strip the topsoil and dig the site. Again, this process is being done by experienced operators. 

Phase 3- Pool base

At the bottom of the pool, a base is laid made up of stone or concrete to increase the pool’s structural integrity. The drain plugs go through the base. 

Phase 4- Plumbing and types of equipment

For a commercial pool, it is essential to install a commercial plumbing system and all the electrical conduits in the trench. 

Phase 5- Steel installation

In this phase, a steel rebar framework is being installed. It provides maximum strength to the pool. 

Phase 6- Gunite application

Gunite is the mixture of cement, sand, and water. A nozzle applicator is shot into the entire pool in a single session to prevent cold bonds or crack shortly. 

Phase 7- Tile and coping

When the gunite pool shell is cured, then the depth tile and cast coping is being installed. These tiles and cast coping are the standard option for building a commercial swimming pool. 

Phase 8- Deck and topsoil

The commercial swimming pool builders install the pool deck in this phase. It is made up of any material of choice. Later the top soil is respreaded to make it ready for the landscaping. 

Phase 9: Finish and fill.

It is the last phase of commercial swimming pool building. In this phase, the interior finish is applied, and water is filled in the pool. The water chemistry balance is checked, and then finally, it is ready to hand over. 

Why Aquatics International Group?

Aquatics International Group is one of the best commercial swimming pool builders. We understand that every business has different expectations for its pool project. Therefore, we stay connected with our clients from conception to completion and even after handing over the project to ensure its extended life. Our primary focus is luxury resort aquatic development. And our objective is to make every project more challenging and to maximize our capabilities. We believe that together, there is nothing we cannot achieve.