Our number one priority here at Reine AMINA is ensuring every one of our valued customers is completely satisfied with their experience. Every time you come to our beautiful salon in Maryland, we want you to feel like a new person. Let us pamper you with the best beauty treatments and celebratory salon facility ever designed.

Be Good To Yourself There’s A Nail Salon And Spa In A Town Called Reine Amina

If you let us, we can improve every facet of your appearance. Visit our luxurious spa whenever you feel like you could use a little more flair in your natural appearance and reward yourself with a self-love beauty treatment. Manicure and Pedicure are only two of the many luxurious treatments we provide. We also provide brow laminating and tinting to help shape and define your brows. We have high-quality lashes and can apply them in a variety of curls. It will be a breeze for us to sculpt your body, and you’ll emerge from each session feeling refreshed.

Our basic concept at ReineAmina is that self-love should always begin with a spectacular event. Since we think it’s important for everyone to sometimes indulge in some ostentatious behavior, we’ve designed the ideal environment in which to do so. When it comes to our beauty services, we go all out. Since, according to Drake, you’re most attractive when you’re not trying, we want to advise how ladies may look their best even when they’re just chillin’. From their nails to their lashes to their complexion to their physique, we want our #ReineRoyale to appear flawless. For our #ReineRoyale, we have made it our aim to improve upon every facet of The Reine AMINA. The beauty spa was decked up with sophisticated and photogenic furnishings throughout. Our facilities, goods, and machinery are all cutting-edge, high-quality, and FDA-approved.

Regarding the security and comfort of our ReineAmina, you can be certain that Reine AMINA has you covered with the highest level of precision. Finding a nice manicure salon is crucial whether you need your nails done for a date, a dance, or just because you need some TLC. Make sure the artist is skilled, patient, and thorough so that you may expect beautiful results. They provide a basic pedicure service that includes shape, filing, cuticle removal, and buffing. Add some polish to your stay with a manicure or waxing. Are you ready to join the ranks of the #ReineElite? We are continuously looking to expand our team with talented individuals—fun, high-end atelier seeking top-tier nail artists, lash artists, and estheticians.

We are shouting as loud as we possibly can!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! At Reine AMINA, we can’t wait to toast you and share in your joy. …a shower for the bride-to-be? We can help you with everything from a birthday bash to introducing a new product. To host your special occasion, go beyond our ultra-chic and photogenic decor. Our atelier is a place of calm and positivity, where all our Elites technologists’ talents may shine.

Take some time to relax and revel in your success; our trained staff will tend to your every need while you and your loved ones are treated like kings for the day. Crowns? We give them out too. With a glass of champagne in one hand and your favorite friends at your side, you may enjoy a day at the spa in style. You have earned this. To ensure you have a one-of-a-kind adventure, we collaborate closely with you.

In certain cases, we’ll even provide the props! Let us handle the catering details. Kindly accept our sincere appreciation for stopping by our virtual abode. It’s clear from the name that they focus on creating excellent renditions of time-honored salon staples. Get your nails done and your legs waxed, too!