Singapore has always been known as the best destination to invest in property. But when it comes to buying and selling a house, for a good experience, the right real estate in Singapore is equally important. The whole process of looking for a house can be thrilling and exciting simultaneously. 

But understand the fact that it is only a good real estate agent who is well versed with the in and out of the market and hence can be the only expert to crack a good deal for you. But to work with a trustworthy real estate agent, you need to do some homework. 

Here are some better ways to choose an expert who can be reliable and work with you for the longest time.

Focus on the person and not the experience:

While looking for a good real estate agent in Singapore, probably, more than the experience, you should believe in choosing the person. If the agent has a knack for finding some good deals for you, then it should be worth it. 

Even if experience matters, it is the agent with whom you shall be spending most of your time. That is why look for an expert who is real and relatable. It is always better to choose a person who has good negotiation skills and can establish good communication as well.

Chemistry is important:

While reviewing the best of the agents that you may have shortlisted, it is always good to pick one. If you are confused amongst the top choices that you have made, then you may have to focus on the expertise of these agents depending on hyper-local neighborhood expertise, and also ask yourself if you find the expert trustworthy. In the end, Chemistry is important. If the agent can relate to your choices, then it should not be difficult for them to find the right property for you.

Get some references:

  • If this is going to be your first time finding the right real estate agent, then make sure you meet them personally.
  • It would be great if you could understand their working style and get some references.
  • The better you have the list of happy customers, the more you get clarity on what kind of service such an expert would offer you.
  • If you want to buy a home or sell it in Singapore, make sure you have a bunch of referrals from the same location which in the past had opted for such agent help.


It does not matter how advanced the technology has been, and it is only the real estate agent who can offer you the fruitful options on the properties that you desire. Make sure you do good research on the real estate in Singapore and compare the one you have shortlisted. Your agent should not just look for a property because that is the job; rather, you should do it from the heart, which of course, you would like.