Brad Spiegel

The Internet is the vital technology of the information age, and the electric motor is the vector of technological change in the industrial age. At the heart of these communication networks, the Internet is responsible for the production, distribution, and use of digital information in all its forms. The speed and scale of the transformation of the Internet and our wireless communications environment have brought to life many original ideals and ideas around the world. As the Internet continues to evolve, many people with big hearts have begun helping people discover the opportunities the Internet can offer them to improve their lives.

An intellectual and master of exemplary skills, Brad Spiegel has dedicated his life to helping people grow through exposure to the Internet. According to Spiegel, technology plays an important role in closing the gap between digital resources. And as more people connect to the internet, gaps and innovations around the world are shrinking. Brad recognized the importance of communication and founded non-profit organizations in Macon to provide fast and affordable communication services to families, students, and businesses.

He founded Connect2Compete and Quality Computer Systems, two technological firms that have significantly contributed to developing the city’s dynamic technology. Brad emphasizes the strong support for IT and platform advancements. His company Quality Computer Systems Inc is known for providing the best services and products across Central Georgia. In addition, Spiegel has teamed up with the non-profit organization to help people without jeopardizing their morals.

With this global epidemic, consistent connectivity became increasingly important as people got isolated and the internet helped them to connect with loved ones, share current thoughts and situations or seek help when needed. Due to the lack of resources in many hospitals, organizations, and countries, the internet has been used as a way for people to access supplies and other necessities to help loved ones and facilitate their health care needs. Brad Spiegel and its organization ensure high quality and continuous communication throughout Macon.

 Throughout his career, Brad managed to help the people of Macon advance in many different ways and mentored many young so that they can choose the right direction in achieving their goals. Even though the man has achieved a lot, Spiegel’s ambitious mind has set more ambitious goals which will help in achieving more innovative breakthroughs.