This camera buying guide is a must-read if you’re looking for a new camera in 2022! It used to be so simple to select a new camera. When there was a small selection, choosing frequently came down to money. There are now countless models to select from, and to add to the confusion; your smartphone already shoots decent shots! Making a choice might be challenging due to the technical language used to describe camera parts and photography-related phrases.

That’s where this article from Willoughbys Camera will be useful!

What to look for when Buying a Camera

The process of buying a camera can quickly become challenging. The more options you have, like with most things, the less likely you will decide. To assist you to choose the best cameras on the market this year, Willoughbys Camera specialists have incorporated all the criteria in this guide.

5 Most Important Factors when Choosing a New Camera

1. Image quality that’s better than your camera phone

Making this choice should be possible after reading camera reviews. If your camera takes better-looking pictures than your phone, or at the very least offers functionality that your phone does not, there is no use in carrying it around.

2. Ergonomics that suit your hands

You’ll have to make an informed choice based on the evaluations you read if you can’t physically handle the camera in your local store. How big is it? Has it got a strong grip? Are the necessary buttons spaced apart enough?

3. The size that suits your habits

This is a crucial one. Are you a parent who a child constantly accompanies? If so, your camera should ideally be portable and/or lightweight. Do you frequently travel with a bag? You might get away with something more substantial. You often travel, right? And etc.

4. Availability of lenses that suit your budget and future needs

There is no need to consider this if you select a compact camera with a fixed lens. Look at the alternative lenses available if you choose an interchangeable lens camera. Are they within your budget? Do you need specific focal lengths? Are used lenses accessible?

5. The latest model within your budget

Since camera technology is advancing quickly, experts advise purchasing the most recent models. Frequent deals can be obtained with an earlier model if your budget can’t support the latest, but try to avoid anything older than this. There is also the choice of the used ones, but buyer beware!

  • A camera with poor image quality will result from insufficient investment, while a camera that costs less will help your wallet.
  • It’s crucial to set a reasonable budget when purchasing a camera.
  • You can save a lot of money if you’re willing to purchase an older model, but the technology will be outdated. When possible, experts would always advise purchasing the most recent model.
  • When purchasing used items, you must exercise caution. Depending on how many images have been shot, DSLR cameras have a “shutter life,” and new parts can be pricey.
  • Even though used mirrorless cameras have fewer moving parts that can break, if they are out of warranty, you may still be stuck with a hefty repair fee if something goes wrong.
  • If you are not a professional photographer, experts would advise investing $500 to $1,000 in an interchangeable lens camera.
  • You should buy new lenses when you have more money to increase your options.
  • Spend the money on an advanced compact camera with a fixed lens if you aren’t interested in lenses, especially the most recent model.