Ear Climbers Earrings

How to Style Ear Climber Earrings

Ear sweeps, ear pins, and ear crawlers are the most popular names for ear climbers. These are really popular at the moment....
RIE Hair Boutique

Top Reasons Why You Should Try Hair Extensions!

Your hair defines your overall personality. You can distinguish your friend immediately if she has undergone a haircut. It shows that your...
Pink Tourmaline Earrings

What does Tourmaline depict?

For jewelry makers and gemstone lovers, Tourmaline maintains a unique place in their hearts. This gemstone has every color combination imaginable in...
RIE Hair Boutique

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions While Sleep

It is not all about getting affordable virgin hair bundle deals. Keeping the extension glowing from the comfort of your home is perhaps the...

How did Evil Eye turn into Jewellery Trend?

If you are wearing a sleeveless top with jeans, you can wear the evil eye in a...
Blue chalcedony

BlueChalcedony: The Ultimate Stone Enhancing Your Memory

No one ever said no to jewelry. Whenever it is about adorning yourself, jewelry comes on the first pick. It has the...

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