Chad Storey seattle times

When it comes to buy or sell a house or any other property, there is no doubt that a trusted and verified real estate agent can help and guide you with simplified and easy steps. Thus, it becomes important to know what exactly a real estate agent or a realtor does, and in order to understand this, let’s have a look at the profile of Chad Storey of Seattle. 

He is a real estate agent in Washington and has been working in this field from the last more than 10 years. As an experienced real estate agent, he achieved some great milestones and has become a reputed real estate agent in Seattle. He successfully led the exchanges in different regions including Tacoma, Lake Stevens, Puyallup, and many more. He also completed more than 30 dealer exchanges till now and turns out to be really productive in Woodinville for various deals and exchanges.

Chad is a valuable asset when it comes to purchasing and selling the right home and also makes the whole process run efficiently and smoothly from beginning to end. Chad always provides expert knowledge to his clients and also provides the best deals and values of nearby properties. He also provides helpful tips that help his clients to sell their property and also in finding a suitable one. 

Chad Storey also attends different seminars and conferences to stay up to date with the latest trends and also keep their contacts and professional network strong. He also keeps up with all the existing properties in the particular area. As a real estate agent, he typically works with other brokers and agents to get and share the new listings regarding the need of sellers and buyers.  

In the wake of serving at different positions, he became the Founder and Managing Partner of Asset Realty Group in the year 2005. Here, he made different wireframe models, sorted out some way to configuration to change attainability and convenience, and composed thing essentials. Chad similarly managed the execution course of occasions. Chad similarly changed specifying value into a sensible strength by focusing on customer experience and usability.  

For the last more than one decade, Chad Storey is working diligently in the field of real estate. With his immense experience and hard work, he becomes one of the finest and trusted real estate agents in Seattle. He always focuses on bringing the best deals for his clients and also helps with all the formalities and procedures which are required to sell or buy any property.