Necklace chokers are jewelry collections that sit tightly around the neck. They are made of fabric since they are so close-fitting but come in other styles and materials.

Their constructions range from simple to ornate, with statement detailing such as rhinestones, sequins, or pendants. While planning to elevate your outfit, a choker pendant necklace can be a great fashion accessory when chosen and worn correctly. Check out these trendy and stylish choker necklaces with pendants.

  • Sun choker necklace gold 

Choker necklace with cute sunflower charm on a soft black satin cord, making it gentle on your skin and easy to wear.


The handmade and original item

Closure: Lobster claw

Adjustable length

Style: Boho & hippie

  • Black choker necklace with pendant

It’s a simple black choker with a choice pendant. the collar is made from 3mm faux suede flat cord(comes in different adjustable lengths)


The handmade and original item

Materials: faux suede, pendant, silver plated wire

Closure: Lobster claw

Adjustable length

  • Fashion Velvet Choker Heart Shape Crystal Pendant Choker Necklace

It’s simple and classic ‘must have’  jewelry collection 


Its handmade and original item

Velvet Width: 1 cm

Colour: black & red sizes

Necklace: About 28 cm-30 cm

Materials: Leather


However, there are essential factors you need to keep in mind while choosing a choker necklace with a pendant for your collection for this matter.

  • Measure your neck— first, it’s essential to measure your neck before investing in a choker. You can do it with a soft measuring tape and loop it around your neck once. Hold it close to your neck since chokers should fit tightly but ensure it’s loose enough to breathe easily.
  • Assess the length and width of your neck— chockers look best for people with a long and slender necks. They can wear chokers with more detail and gems.
  • Consider your face shape— while chokers accentuate your strongest facial features by framing your face, they look very flattering on people with heart-shaped faces. They make a face look fuller while balancing out the narrow chin.
  • Try it on before you buy it whenever possible— since it’s essential to have recorded your neck measurements, look for a style that comes in your sizes. Remember that the best position for chockers is on or above the collarbone.


Right choker necklaces come in all shapes, sizes, and components. The choker pendant necklace, as a close-fitting neck adornment with alluring detail, has gained popularity over the years. It has become a permanent fashion fixture and won’t be going away trend-wise anytime soon.