Chris Salis SAP

In the field of Information Technology, the use of the latest and most advanced technology with time is resulting in the development of different tools and techniques. Every technique is designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of a particular working operation. However, the role of proper implementation of every technique is equally important as its development. Therefore, for the proper implementation and regulation of every tool designed, experts in this field such as Chris Salis play a vital role.  

In the field of Information Technology, Chris Salis has gained great knowledge. He began his career as an IT Procurement Manager in the year 1999. In this position, he performed various functions that helped the company in different ways. After this, he began to work as a Manager in Strategic Sourcing. In this position, he was responsible for data collection and analysis. With this data collection and analysis, organizations get to know exactly what’s being used and spent where and also present the opportunities to streamline vendors.  

Along with this, he also helped the organization improve its relationship with clients and other businesses with his outsourcing techniques and their management. With his strategic sourcing techniques and methods, he also ensured that future procurement requirements are laid out ahead of the period so they avoid circumstances that may harm the business. He also focused on long-term planning which allowed business leaders to step away from time-consuming duties. With his understanding and expertise, he also ensured close supplier relationships that helped the business to identify and resolve problems quickly.

Later in the year 2013, he joined SAP as Global Vice President and was responsible for managing the various operations. With his enhanced knowledge and vast experience, he successfully launched the foremost innovations and new business models. In his working period of more than 5 years in SAP, he also commercialized SAP digital business unit. Chris Salis was also responsible for reducing the average time to profits for innovations from 1 year to 90 days. Along with this, he also successfully repositioned select zero-income products with the help of low-touch channels which was 0 to 41 million dollars in two years.

In SAP, Chris Salis has performed various functions that helped the different working operations. Currently, he is working as a start-up and business advisor and always stays ready to help individuals and companies in their business development.