ISC Board Exam

Science is the backbone of the world and the economy and it has played the most crucial role in shaping the world as we know it today – it is the study of all phenomenons and quite frankly, there is nothing more fascinating than pursuing science. Be that as it may, studying science is not easy. Crystal clear concepts, a thorough understanding of the subject, practice and the will to go above and beyond what the book strictly tells you – that is what studying science is all about.

ISC Class 12 Science board examination papers are not easy. They are a preliminary draft of what is to come shortly. So students who want to pursue science and are fascinated by the subject, need to be able to ace the ISC Class 12 Board examinations. It is not easy but thanks to a set of preparation tips that we have accumulated, it will be a lot easier for you.

Strictly Science – Prepare for Class 12 Board Examination and ace it

Preparing for your science papers for your ISC Class 12 board examinations is vastly different from preparing for ISC papers of other streams. There is a different set of strategies that you need to apply and principles that you need to adhere to. Here are a few preparation tips that you can follow to get better results, faster:

  1. Refer to books outside of the prescribed books – It is essential to have the recommended ISC Books by heart but you need not stop at that. These books will provide you with a basic groundwork of information that you can do away with if you are looking to secure decent marks or just do well enough. However, if you aim to get into one of the best science colleges in the country, then you need to do more than just well. This means gathering invaluable and rare facts and information by doing a thorough research and by reading a couple of additional books and sample paper books. To Buy Best ISC Sample Paper Class 12 2021, Click Here. This will help you construct better answers with hard-hitting facts that not a lot of students will have. Incorporating these facts in your answers will not only set a good impression, but you will also get better marks than most of your peers.
  2. Keep a separate copy for formulae and equations – You know why most students end up losing out on important marks even though they have written perfect answers? Because they forget the equations or formulae and cannot derive the final result. Science is the math of phenomenon so it is indispensable for you to remember every formula and equation so that there is no scope for marks to be deducted. Make a neat and chapter-wise arranged table of equations and formulae that you can go through each day. If you come across a newer or a morphed form of a particular equation in an ISC Sample Paper (To Find Best ISC Sample Paper Class 12 2021), note it down. You can go through them before starting the study sessions or before going to bed (to keep it all fresh in the mind). In the end, it all comes down to having these equations and formulae by heart.
  3. Paraphrase topics and chapters – The explanations provided in the textbooks are huge and it becomes really difficult to remember it all. That is why a trick that most meritorious students do is that they paraphrase what they read and write it down. Then, they read it a couple of times to get the gist of it and remember the summarised version of the same information. This helps them save a lot of time, even though this may seem like a long and unnecessary process. In the long run, this is a habit that will help you construct more efficient and to-the-point answers with the right amount of information and examiners are always looking for that in a Class 12 Board examination science answer sheet. Also, when you solve ISC Question Bank Class 12 2021, you will be able to see the difference as it will be easier to solve them.
  4. Know your syllabus well – Certain topics and chapters are more important than others. Knowing your syllabus will allow you to devise an appropriate smart studying strategy that allows you to niftily manoeuvre between these topics or chapters with varied importance. However, by knowing the curriculum well, you know how much weight to allocate to each chapter. This can either come from solving several ISC Question Banks or by going through the provided curriculum set. Also, knowing the syllabus well will allow you to brisk read the lesser important chapters, take away all that is important and move on to the more pressing chapters, thereby saving a lot of time.
  5. Revise Solved Papers – Get your hands on solved question papers. These solutions generally contain some really rare information that you can incorporate in your answers for a higher score. To Find Best ISC Question Bank Class 12 2021, Click Here. Constructing great answers when it comes to science subjects, especially in board examination question papers is no joke. There is a certain art to it that students need to develop and the fastest and most effective way to do it is by going through several renowned and sought-after solved question paper books. For starters, get your hands on the solutions of ISC Sample Paper Class 12 2021.
  6. Attend group revision sessions – The ultimate goal is to get more studying done in as little time as possible. Through group revisions, everyone gets to learn from one another mistakes. Also, it creates a habitable and congenial learning environment whereby students find incentives to work harder and improve. In short, it promotes healthy competition, which is good for every student and also makes for great revision sessions that would otherwise, have been quite boring and possible less fruitful.