CLAT 2021

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is all set to be conducted on 23rd July 2021. With just a few days nearby, it becomes imperative to analyze your strategy on focus on scoring the maximum. It becomes the need of the hour to have a designated plan at the end to fetch maximum marks from the exam. CLAT contains 5 sections and to score well in each section is important to maximize your score overall.

You can go for some of the best books for CLAT 2021 to boost up your preparation in the remaining time. This time is very crucial and the strategy to clear to the exam that we adopt in this time becomes very crucial. Let’s have a look at how you can strategically prepare for your exam.

Tips to score maximum section-wise

The time spent on each section varies from student to student depending upon their interest and strength. But, you can follow this section-wise approach to improve your score.

1.English Section

To score good marks in this section, you need to be consistent in your preparation. This section involves checking your vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar skills. You need to develop these skills with time because they can’t be crammed up just like any theory subject. To have a better command of this section you should read the newspaper, have discussions, practice grammar, and improve your vocabulary. You can improve upon this section by taking the assistance of Oswaal CLAT Sample Papers 2021.

2. Current Affairs including GK

To prepare for this section you need to be aware of your surroundings regularly. Stay updated with the news and current affairs by reading newspapers, magazines, or using some apps. While attempting the questions of this section, you should read the passage thoroughly before diving into the questions. You should pick the clues from the passage to answer the questions. This will help you score better. You can take the assistance of the CLAT Mock Test 2021 by Oswaal Books to keep a tab of your preparation. Oswaal Books offer you tip notes with mock tests for enhanced learning.

3. Legal Reasoning

This section contains the highest weightage in the CLAT exam. This section will focus on answering the questions based on a legal passage of 450 words. To attempt the questions in this section, you should understand the principles and facts stated in the passage. Moreover, try to break down the passage into smaller chunks to understand it better and answer vividly. Don’t apply any pre-existing knowledge of the laws and answer only based upon the passage. To remain aware of the new scheme of evaluation up to the January 2021 exam, you can see the sample papers of Oswaal for deeper insights.

4. Logical Reasoning

The most important logical reasoning topics for CLAT include logical games, syllogisms, relationships, and analogies. To fetch more marks in this section, you should carefully identify the premises and conclusions related to the passage. You should thoroughly read the questions before jumping to the answers. Oswaal CLAT Sample Papers offer you all typologies of questions that are exam-oriented and help you efficiently prepare for the exam.

5. Mathematics

While preparing for the mathematics section, you should prepare the class 10, 11, and 12th level mathematics. But, you need to be careful about the answers as there is negative marking also. Try to analyze the graphical information carefully before attempting the questions. These questions are mostly based on logic rather than on formulas. You can use the crisp revision notes of Oswaal Sample papers to boost your preparation journey.

Final Thoughts

Preparing well for the CLAT requires a proper and planned strategy. To help you achieve the possible practice for the day of the exam you should seek the assistance of Oswaal CLAT 2021 Sample Papers that contains previous year’s solved papers with handy notes for better preparation. With these papers, you also remain aware of the NLUs 2020, 2019, and 2018 cut-offs so that you can redirect your preparation in that direction. So, just go and get yours to enhance your preparation for CLAT.