Most of the time, you find yourself commuting or having school-aged kids in your homestead; you’ll find yourself spending much time in your car. Did you know spending much time in your car may be nearly impossible from cleaning it? For these reasons, most people tend to take their car for auto detailing services or cleaning for themselves.  But there is good news for this: you may not need to spend a lot of time, energy, and finances to clean your car. This article has got you covered with fascinating cleaning hacks for every detailer to know.

Did you know learning to detail cars to professional standards is not a matter of vanity? It is one of the best techniques to maintain the value of your vehicle over the years. Keeping that in mind, let’s explore some of the cleaning hacks every detailer should know.

  • Working From Top Down

Being a basic hack. As a professional detailer, ensure you work from top to bottom of the car. It is because the lower parts of vehicles are often covered with dirt. Working from top to bottom prevents contamination from the dirtier parts to the upper sensitive parts of the car. Always rinse top-down, wash top-down, then rinse again for superb results.

  • Invest in Right Tools and Products

As a professional car detailer, ensure you go for the right cleaning products and tools for your work. There are lots of tools and products needed for successful detailing services, which calls for your investment. These tools and products include brushes for wheels and tires cleaner, clay brushes, leather cleaners, microfiber cloths, car shampoos, and vaccum extractors. Ensure you get a clear picture of all the proper tools and products you will need.

  • Wash The Wheels First

Washing the wheels first may sound like a contradiction since revolutions are not at the top part of the car.  As one of the cleaning hacks, you may opt to start washing the car wheel. Following the use of the right tools and products hack, be sure to use the correct type of wheels and tires cleaner for your operations. Wheels tend to hold the worst of debris and specks of dirt. For these reasons, this cleaning hack is often treated as a precleaning treat, especially when the tires are caked with mud.

  • Avoid Cross-Contamination

Cars are prone to experience cross Contaminantions especially when the same tool or product is used to clean all parts.  You’ll introduce contaminants from one region to another of a car. But how can you avoid cross contaminations? You can contain cross-contamination by using the material for their specific use since each part of the car has its particular product and design tool that’s associated with it.


If you are serious about car cleaning, this article will be of great use to you, and you’ll realize the need to clean your car in stages. While for the case of car lovers, everyone is always excited about car care tips which include car detailing and cleaning. Therefore, following these top cleaning hacks for detailers, be sure to drive a bright and shiny car for the rest of your life.