CNC machine shop Tucson | Parallel Ventures
CNC machine shop Tucson | Parallel Ventures

Innovations with high features are in great demand today. The speed from which we are running toward science and technology has become our high-priority need. As we move towards advanced manufacturing we depend more on automated and precision technology. In the world of computerized machines, CNC (Computer numerical control) is indispensable today. 

Parallel ventures

Parallel Ventures is a renowned and highly specialized CNC machining Tucson, AZ company that deals in Aeronautics, Military & Defense, Commercial Aviation, and Electric Vehicles.

With extreme industry specialization and highly trained machinists, PV is exceptionally capable of making perfection in CNC precision machining. The process from designing to delivering for every project is full of accuracy and precision.


Delivering products that meet customer satisfaction and your manufacturing needs in a given time limit is what we are experienced at and known. Our highly skilled machinists specialize in delivering CNC precision machining, fabrication, and assembly work to the Aeronautics, Military & Defense, Commercial Aviation, and Electric Vehicle industries. Our market value and brand name is based on having expertise in handling projects from the beginning phase to full-scale manufacturing and assembly. At parallel ventures, we also provide service of customization. You can see the construction of your product with all the specifications you want. 

Our capabilities include:

◎ CNC Vertical Milling

◎ CNC Turning

◎ Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

◎ Component Assembly

◎ Special Fabrication

◎ Materials

Additional services: Valves, Fittings, Base Plates, Assembly, Welding, Kitting

Marketing technologies

The product reachability and utilization rely on marketing strategies. Innovations and trends keep busy marketing strategists all the time. Our market strategist keeps an eye on the new global trends and what’s working for all. Parallel ventures end market experience provides the space for its customers to look into and give valuable feedback.


CNC machining services are accurate in product dimensions but not perfect. The tolerance limit is the permissible amount of difference between the corresponding dimensions of the two parts. At PV’s, +/-.005″ and +/-.0005″ are typical requirements of our customers’ drawings for critical dimensions and characteristics.

Advanced and Innovative manufacturing

While manufacturing we take all the preventive measures to maintain the accuracy and quality of the product because that’s what matters most. Inspecting in-between and after the final phase of manufacturing is the key of Parallel Ventures CNC machine shop Tucson, AZ for delivering the finest and detailed product on time. 

Benefits of choosing parallel ventures

  • We deliver in time 
  • Guaranteed higher accuracy and precision
  • Safer handling and operations
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Valuable customers feedbacks
  • Better pricing
  • Pertinent range of services
  • Quick and efficient communications

Our beliefs

Industries in which we focus are more in development and progress compared to others. Our vision is to provide the facilities and commodities to suppliers of these industries looking for organizations that can work efficiently in making prototypes and mass manufacturing. Turning your complex ideas into reality is what we believe. Our company motto is to walk parallel to you on the route of success.  

Awards and certifications

PV is an ITAR compliant and ISO9001/AS9100 certified business.