Common Problems of Your Hot water

The winters in Australia may not be as chilling as those in Europe or North America. Still, hot water systems are an integral part of your life. They make it easier to get through the cold months of the year. Most homeowners will think of their hot water systems right when the temperatures start falling.

You don’t want your hot water system to let you down right at the onset of winters. However, there is always a chance for it. There are many common problems of hot water systems and you should get them fixed quickly by a licensed Plumber.

Importance of Fixing a Faulty Hot Water System

Many times people may neglect a water heater if it starts showing signs of trouble. While fixing the system will mean getting hot water throughout the winter months, there are many more reasons why you should fix it quickly.

The Water System Can Become Unsafe

Water heater tanks operate at high pressures. Excess pressure or an interior crack can increase the risk of the system bursting open. Such explosions are rare, but when they occur there is a risk of injury or damage.

Increased Cost

A malfunctioning or broken heating system can increase your utility bills. Besides, if you don’t fix it immediatelythe damage can progress thus requiring a costlier repair in the future.

The system may consume more energy without heating the water to the desired temperatures. Thus, you can end up paying more without getting proper hot water.

Save the Environment

Water heating already accounts for a significant percentage of the energy consumed in your home. So when they start breaking down, the amount of energy wasted can increase significantly. When you call a Plumber to fix your water heater problems, it saves a lot of energy. And this can be beneficial for the environment.

Common Problems of Your Hot Water System

You may turn on the shower in the morning and realise that it is taking longer for the hot water to arrive. You may be the last one to take the shower, only to find that the water is not heating any longer. The hot water pressure may be less than normal.

There are many such common water heater issues that should be fixed quickly. Explore the common hot water problems that homeowners face.

Water Takes Longer to Heat Up

Does the water take longer to heat when you turn on the hot water faucet? This may not always mean that something is wrong with the hot water system. The most common cause is the long distance between the system and the faucet. The longer this distance is, the more time it may take to get hot water in the shower, kitchen, or bathroom.Installing a small point-of-usewater heating system in your bathroom can help address this issue.

Odd Noises from the Unit

Hearing odd noises is a more common issue with hot water systems. It is a sign that there is some fault with the unit.

Most units make some level of noise. However, if the sound seems odd and out of the ordinary, you should get it checked by a licensed Plumber.

Some of the common causes and the types of noises associated with them can be as follows:

  • Build-up in the tank: Rumbling, popping, sizzling, crackling, or hissing
  • Water pressure fluctuations: Ticking
  • Condensation leaks: Sizzling
  • Limited water flow: Screaming, singing, or screeching
  • Water source problems: Popping
  • Water hammer problems: Hammering or banging

Noises from the water heater can be both worrying and annoying. If you can guess what the underlying cause can be, it can become easier and faster to fix the issue.

Low Hot Water Pressure

Sometimes, there is good water pressure for cold water, but it vanishes gradually when you turn on hot water. This can be a sign that the hot water pipes are clogged with mineral deposits.

The minerals in water often start depositing in the water heatertank and hot waterpipes. This can cause the water pressure to drop every time you switch to hot water setting.

This problem can be fixed by getting the unit flushed once a year. This can be done only by an experienced Plumber.A professional can also identify other causes of the water pressure problem, including:

  • A leak
  • A failing pressure regulator
  • Partially closed valves
  • An old or faulty unit that needs replacement

If there is no hot water pressure, it may be due to a missing or faulty safe tray. The safe tray is designed to capture water if there is a leak. If it is not functioning properly or is missing and you don’t fix the issue quickly, the unit can suffer serious damage.

Water Leakage

Water leaks are also common problems with hot water units. Leaks can commonly be seen at the base of the water tank. If not fixed immediately, they can create more serious and more expensive issues. A good percentage of times, the cause is a worn out or faulty pressure relief valve or drain valve.

The job of the pressure relief valve (PRV) is to relieve water pressure. Excess pressure can cause it to fail. Replacing the PRV is a simple and quick fix. A leaking drain valve can also be fixed by replacing it.

Should You Repair or Replacethe Unit?

The decision of whether you should get your hot water system repaired or replaced depends on a number of factors.Your Plumber can guide you in making the right decision. The two most important factors they will determine include:

  • Age: If the system is older than 8 years, you may want to replace it than fixing it. If it is only a few years old, your plumber may recommendrepairing it.
  • Rusting: Rust and corrosion are a usual part of the process in a hot water system’s functioning. If these problems have progressed to a stage where they pose a health risk, you should consider replacing the unit.

Your water heater operates under extreme pressure and for the most part, it is doing a great job. A properly working hot water system is a good investment that should last you for 10 to 15 years. However, if it starts failing too often, you should call a Plumber to get it fixed or replaced.