Danish jafri

Danish Jafri is a tech expert and industry leader who is known for his work in managing digital transformation in community care. As a Programme Manager at Wye Valley NHS Trust, Jafri has led the implementation of cutting-edge technology to improve patient care and streamline processes.

Wye Valley NHS Trust is located in a rural area of England, and like many other healthcare providers, it faces significant resource challenges. However, the Trust has made community care services a key priority for investment. With parts of the patient’s record recorded manually via spreadsheets, the Trust decided to overhaul its legacy system and implement a new Electronic Patient Record System for patients in the community via the EMIS Web platform system.

Finding the right device to support mobile care was the next challenge for the Trust. Jafri and his team engaged in a formal evaluation process to determine the most suitable device for community nurses. The device needed to be practical, light, portable, easy to use on the go, and have an all-day battery life. The IT team also needed a secure device that could be managed remotely with ease and support all Trust applications under their distinctive operating system platform.

After evaluating several options, Microsoft Surface Pro was selected as the best tool for the job. To trial Surface Pro, selected users were given devices and asked to complete questionnaires about weight, portability, screen display, usability, and battery life. With Surface Pro proving to be the ideal device, the Trust deployed 400+ devices to its community care workers.

Surface Pro has played a significant role in helping the community care team improve processes, productivity, and patient care. Staff now have secure access to all the patient records and team details they need, from appointments to shift rotas, and remote collaboration is easy. Real-time note-taking has also eliminated the need to write up notes at the end of the day, allowing nurses to spend more time with their patients.

As an industry leader, Danish Jafri understands the importance of managing change in healthcare. He offers some valuable insights into successfully implementing new technology, including carrying out a formal evaluation process, involving staff in the process, providing ongoing training and support, and constantly evaluating success and being ready to manage practical adjustments for care teams.

Jafri emphasizes the importance of finding the right device to support mobile care and how the Surface Pro proved to be the best tool for the job. He also stresses the need for a formal evaluation process and involving staff in the selection and evaluation of candidate devices.

Moreover, Jafri provides practical tips for managing change and ensuring that the adoption of new technology is successful. He highlights the importance of ongoing training and support for the care teams and the need for continuous evaluation and adjustment based on feedback from users.

In conclusion, Danish Jafri is a tech expert and industry leader who has made significant contributions to managing digital transformation in community care. By implementing cutting-edge technology, such as Microsoft Surface Pro, Jafri and his team have improved processes, productivity, and patient care. His insights into managing change and implementing new technology offer valuable lessons for healthcare providers looking to improve their services.