Danny John Gluszkiewicz is a renowned insurance broker with vast experience in the same field. He works independently and has specialized in insurance broker and underwriter in Brisbane. he has built an excellent reputation with his independent and adaptable work style. He’s highly determined to address clients’ issues throughout Australia with experience finding and implementing particular insurance coverages. With his customer-focused approach, he advises his clients’ insurance coverage throughout the purchasing process.

Who is an insurance broker

An insurance broker is an individual that acts as an intermediary between an insurance company and clients. They help clients find and purchase insurance policies that suit their needs. As brokers, they can specialize in insurance types such as group health insurance plans or life insurance but still provide advice regarding several forms of insurance. They sell insurance but only work for insurance companies. Instead, they work for clients and help them with advice concerning insurance options.

What are the responsibilities of an insurance broker?

Insurance brokers have many roles and responsibilities, from providing industry knowledge to risk management. Here are the essential roles of an insurance broker;

  • Compare, negotiate, and sell insurance policies
  • Help clients understand and manage risks
  • Advise and consult with their clients to provide the best policies and premiums
  • Keep accurate records
  • Act as a liaison between the insurance carrier and the client
  • Stay compliant in the insurance industry by keeping their license current, learning new development, and sharpening their skills
  • Comply with all legal requirements in their jurisdiction

What qualifications does an insurance broker need?

If you intend to pursue an insurance broker, you have earned a degree in finance, business, and insurance. Besides that, you also have an insurance license to start selling insurance. You need more than one license to sell multiple types of insurance. 

You might also be required to have completed specific training hours for a licensing exam. It makes you eligible for licensure and the subsequent insurance license. Once you’ve obtained your license, remember to have renewed it constantly by completing required continuing education courses to stay in compliance.

Conclusion: From Danny John Gluszkiewicz, you’ll understand the primary goal of an insurance broker, which is serving clients’ needs. These clients’ needs include advising on the best coverage at the best possible rate, being an advocate, putting their client’s interests first, and answering questions they may have. These aspects make Danny an insurance professional with a long standing track record of leadership and building businesses.