Deepak Kharbanda

Running a business always comes with many responsibilities. There are some intelligent entrepreneurs with great business ideas but with poor executions. It makes it essential to understand the small mistakes business people make to help you— knowing what not to do can help give you good ideas on what you need to do in the long run. There’s a certain truth that “an error is an opportunity to grow as well as learn.” According to Deepak Kharbanda, identifying small mistakes needs highlighting what to avoid. However, there’s no need to make those mistakes yourself to gain knowledge from them. It is effective when learning from mistakes others make, which guarantees success in your goals. Here are common mistakes you should be aware of and avoid 

Forgetting To Set Goals For Your Startup

As per Deepak Kharbanda, business objectives are essential while planning to start one. A lot is involved in starting up, but it doesn’t end there. It’s critical to ensure you’ve listed your short- and long-term objectives to help your business grow.

Forgetting About Competition

In entrepreneurship, everyone is a competitor. You’d be wrong to think that you’ve discovered the right area and no one else is in the market to test you. Potential competitors would end up stealing your clients and traffic. Remember that you are one of many; study the market and discover your potential competitors.

Not Defining Your Market And Target Audience

Besides forgetting about competition, entrepreneurs’ common mistake is not taking time to understand the market and target customers. Writing code may seem easier than talking to customers, but it may be hard to tell if you’re on the right track unless you constantly get feedback from existing or target customers. Once you recognize that building a great product often doesn’t translate into business success, you’ll understand the need to understand the market and its customers. 

Making Hiring Decisions Based On Cost

While business is in a financial crisis, most entrepreneurs get tempted to employ at a low cost. Cheap talents aren’t expensive for a reason; they could be untrained,  inexperienced, or undependable. Only spend your staff’s worth, but you might need to pay an extra amount to hire someone knowledgeable about the ropes. Ensure research to get competitive rates and hire accordingly since employees are the core of business functions.

Trying To Do It All By Yourself

Successful entrepreneurs with solid plans still need help to do everything. While starting a business you may need to expand your team from hiring employees to partners to handle the day-to-day operations. You can also extend to hiring essential advisors who help your business succeed. 


Deepak Kharbanda says running and handling business operations doesn’t come on a silver platter. Mistakes are prone to happen, and it’s part of the business journey. However, there’s no reason to let the same mistakes happen repeatedly. Ensure you always take errors identified as a lesson to map your way to success.