Deepak Kharbanda

Agile methodology is gaining momentum when it comes to the development of flexible development models. However, when it comes to the turn of the agile methodology, how can scrum be left out?  Scrum is a framework that integrates the group of programmers, designers, and others as a team to deliver the product development and software development process. Scrum master is an implementer who assists the team, and the product owner to find the desired results. 

So, Deepak Kharbanda of Mission Viejo, California, the US, is known for his outstanding abilities as a professional scrum master at D & D Concept from 2017 to the present. Talking about his academics, Deepak possesses Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Having affluence in technical skills, Deepak has his hands-on managing the projects ERM and CRM. Also, he is keen to meet the project activities and business objectives with his management skills.  

deepak kharbanda

Deepak possesses a master’s degree in Business Administration which helps him lead the team in a well-defined direction. He makes sure to motivate the team so that they can dedicatedly carry out their work responsibilities. His mastery in Cloud, Networking, Security, Data-Center, and Team Management encourage the team to find efficient solutions for the clients. Not only this, but his motive is to make the team quality-oriented so that team presents the quality products to the clients. Read More Here About Deepak Kharbanda’s Views About The Future Aspects of a Scrum Master.

Considering the organization’s goals as the utmost priority, Deepak says it’s the responsibility of the scrum master to plan scrum implementations. It increases the overall productivity of the organization and boosts the collaboration between the team members. Also, it helps him to lead the team more efficiently.  

Therefore, acting as a liaison between the team workers and the management, make sure to smooth out the workflow. Considering this, planning and arranging meetings are the part of the work strategies that give him a deep analysis of the reviews and the feedback from the development team. Thus, it encourages him to formulate the best approaches to maintain the workflow. Finally, his firm determination and continuous efforts help him to carry out complex projects to simpler ones. Read More Here About An Ambitious Personality Deepak Kharbanda of Mission Viejo.

As a Scrum Master, it’s responsibility to evolve and abreast the new technologies. The precise techniques and tools boost the productivity of the project. Thus, updating with the latest technologies leads the team with improved software quality. So, when it comes to proffering information about the status of the project, scrum master articulates techniques for product backlog management and informs the product owner about the status of the project. Is the team working in the right direction or not.

Lastly, when a team is developing projects, many obstacles come in the way of the development team. From technical issues to project blockades, the problems directly or indirectly hinder the progress of the organization. Considering this, Deepak Kharbanda of Mission Viejo, California, says proffering efficient solutions increases team productivity. It’s the scrum master’s work to prioritize the impediments to get issues resolved efficiently. Read More Here About A Glimpse of The Journey of Deepak Kharbanda.