A DMV ASAP custom plate (Canada), Australia, New Zealand, and the United States is a unique type of vehicle registration plate. A vehicle owner pays an extra amount to have their choice of numbers and letters. These plates usually include a familiar phrase, slogan, abbreviation, or other information. The sales of vanity plates can often be a major source of revenue for North American state and provincial licensing agencies. Some jurisdictions, like British Columbia, have vanity plates with different designs and color schemes.

Before you begin:

  1. Only original orders can be placed online. Send an application for Special Interest License Plates (REG 17) to request a gift, renewal, retention, or replacement.
  2. Keep the vehicle’s registration card handy. We will mail plates to the address on file.
  3. Complete and submit a Notice to Change of Address (DMV 4) to update your mailing address. Please allow 72 hours for the address to be updated in our records before ordering a plate.
  4. You will need to pay for your license plate.
  • All credit/debit card transactions are subject to an additional 2.1% processing fee.

What are the requirements to register my vehicle in Las Vegas?

  • Insurance

Your registration must match the policy name. A licensed Las Vegas carrier must issue it. If you move to another state, your insurance company must be notified. If this happens, a Las Vegas-licensed carrier can issue your new policy. Acceptable electronic evidence of insurance (such as mobile devices). Las Vegas law requires that a person have at least $25,000 of bodily injury coverage, $50,000 for injuries to more than one person, and $20,000 for property damage. To present evidence to law enforcement, you must keep proof of your insurance in your vehicle after you have purchased coverage.

  • Emissions Inspection Report

If they are located in Clark or Washoe county, all gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles manufactured after 1968 must pass the smog check at DMV ASAP Las Vegas . New vehicles are exempt from this requirement for the first two registrations. Hybrid and electric vehicles are exempted from this requirement for the first five model years. Diesel vehicles over 14,000 pounds are exempt. Even if the vehicle was recently tested in another country, Smog checks are required.

  • Title

If the lienholder is the title owner, you must present your current title. Your out-of-state title can be kept. Las Vegas encourages you to get a Las Vegas Title for resale if you have paid for your vehicle.

  • Register, License Plates, and Odometer Reading

All new residents will need to present their vehicle registration and out-of-state plates. All new residents must also show their current odometer reading.

  • Inspection of Vehicle Identification Number

Before a vehicle can be registered in Las Vegas, it must be inspected by DMV ASAP. VIN verification is also called inspection. It’s used to confirm that the VIN printed on the ownership papers matches the VIN of the vehicle. When you visit for inspection, you will need the following information: year, make and model, body type (VIN), odometer readings (odometer readings), number of cylinders, number of rotors, and fuel type.