Families and young couples still need help locating an affordable home due to the unheard-of property price increase, pockets of undersupply in many parts of Australia, and poor wage growth.

First-time homebuyers are forced to make compromises regarding the location, style, and several bedrooms in their homes. But all is not lost; for many first home buyer’s advice wishing to enter the real estate market, house and land bundles remain an appealing and reasonably priced choice.

With savings of up to 14%, buying a newly constructed home is generally more economical than doing so. The housing affordability dilemma can be effectively addressed by purchasing a house and land packages Perth WA.

Benefits of buying a house and land package

You can choose the best design for you

You can customize your home when purchasing a house and land package. 72% of home buyers say they want to customize their space and architecture, allowing you the freedom to do just that.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to purchase a home customized to a family’s needs is through house and land packages and turnkey solutions.

Costs are clear

For customers whose financing has already been authorized, the pricing of house and land packages Perth WA is rather an obvious upfront. Professional interior designers and architects are frequently involved in all facets of the design, ensuring great quality without the expense of consulting fees.

Technology advances give control to buyers

Home buyers now have a lot of freedom to choose their ideal piece of land, match it with their ideal design, and pick their favorite builder, thanks to websites like house and land. Every action is entirely under the control of the buyers.

Up to 14% cheaper

In general, a house plus land bundle is more valuable than an existing home in the same neighborhood. It generally costs 14% less than a property ready for occupancy.

First home owner grants

You might qualify for the First Home Owners grant if you buy your first house. There are a lot of fantastic incentives for first-time home buyers purchasing a brand-new home or purchasing land to build on, albeit they vary by state and territory.

A house and land combination comes with a warranty in case of any issues because it is new. It will be simpler to lease and probably require little to no maintenance costs. Additionally, since new properties depreciate more quickly than older properties, you can claim the maximum depreciation allowed on your tax return.