faith cheltenham

With determination, hard work, and passion a person can achieve the main goal of life. To achieve something great, it needs lots of effort with passion and determination. Every field of work has some personalities who have done something great. Similarly, when it comes to the field of activism, Faith Cheltenham is one such personality who becomes a recognized name with her extremely hard work and determination.

She is working for last more than 20 years as an activist and helping thousands of people of the LGBT and bi-sexual community. Her work as a social activist for these two communities has given so many new and different opportunities for the LGBT and Bi-sexual people in America. According to her, knowledge is the basic factor that can change the life of any individual or community. Thus, to help these people, she always focuses to educate these people about their rights and their duties towards their community and people.

She also believes that knowledge is power and with that, a person can achieve the main goal of life. Thus, with her passion to be an activist and help the people of these two communities, she uses all her resources in the begging and serving as a mentor for the thousands of people in the different parts of America. She also stays aware of the political process, as she always looks for new opportunities for these two communities. Thus by getting involved in the political process Faith helps people by volunteering candidates also.   

She also worked as a digital strategist for Sarah Ferguson and was responsible for managing all the process that is related to identifying the unmet goals of opportunities and goals. She also worked for the Duchess of York and launching and co-creating for Macmillan Books. After working for several years at these positions, she gained some good knowledge and also made become a reliable name when it comes to digital strategists. However, after few years, when she realized that bisexual people are facing some problems, she started to work on bisexual advocacy.

In the year 2012, Faith was also named as one of the Advocates’s “Forty under 40”. She was also appointed to the University of California’s task force for the LGBT community. She always stays ready to speak for the people as she believes educating the people is one of the most powerful ways to becomes stronger. Thus as a panelist, lecturer, and performer, she has spoken at a location such as New York Comic Con, Case Western University, UCLA, San Diego Comic-Con, Netroots Nation, and Yale University on the topics like intersectional. She also guides the people of the LGBT and bisexual community to stand for their rights by educating them.

Faith Cheltenham is an activist who is diligently working from the last more than 20 years. With her resources, hard work, and willpower she manages to bring out various opportunities for the people of the LGBT and bisexual community. In the last several years, she becomes a recognized social activist. 

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