Faith Cheltenham

With many aspects of Faith Cheltenham‘s life and work, from a writer to lecturer, activist, poet, survivor, stand-up comic, and digital market, she developed a single unifying “theory of Faith.” She entered digital marketing after realizing an increasing demand for digital marketers among companies and consumers. 

Digital marketing has currently become the most fascinating, dynamic, and varied industry to work in. Faith Cheltenham, with her entrepreneurial spirit, has showcased her expertise in digital marketing strategies to increase brand recognition, reach a broad target audience, and promote goods and services with her unique blend of creativity, planning, and strategy. 

She has insight into various tools and skills that help her keep up with the constantly expanding digital market to create, manage,  deploy, and track campaigns. She also correctly understands increasing brand recognition by creating awareness while driving traffic to lure new customers. She built excellent communication and team-building skills from her experience working with diverse teams and clients. 

By understanding the need to keep up with current technology, Faith can utilize digital marketing efforts. Working with her assures you she’ll help you increase traffic and improve your content. The work of SEO experts is to create content and content projects intending and helping the company gain traction in search results. Faith is one of the experts who provide valuable insight into the content strategy you need to improve performance on social media and Google. 

Faith Cheltenham is also a content marketer with great experience. As a content creator, she provides a content strategy plan which guarantees an increase in Google rankings and traffic. Additionally, she develops a strategy for what materials to use, from social media to video, blogging, and print. She also has experience as an SEO Manager in the marketing department with an expert understanding of using the SEO team’s keywords to increase the effectiveness of content. 


Faith Cheltenham is an excellent communicator, team player, and project manager with creative abilities and strong analytical skills. She’s capable of adapting to self-directed learning and making quick adjustments. She’s talented in thinking outside the box with innovative strategies while viewing things differently to achieve her clients ‘ objectives. She uses the most recent software,  research knowledge,  tools, and technology in her digital marketing strategies. While she’s not working, she enjoys everything that makes life interesting such as solving puzzles and tests or being actively involved in various activities, including taking pictures, playing music, reading, and helping the needy.