Faycal Rafiq

Faycal Rafiq – An Experienced Marketer, was born and raised in Casablanca and later proceeded to the UK, where he completed his degree education, earning an MA in business management. He’s famously known as a multilingual professional who possesses the expertise and competent skills in business operations and development and sales and marketing. He also lived in France,  Spain, and the USA. Therefore, he’s a bilingual French, Arabic, English, Spanish and Italian speaker. 

Faycal Rafiq has recently been selected as boutique manager for a brand new Beverly Hills store. Having been granted that opportunity, he showcases his expertise and knowledge in luxury retailing. In addition to his roles, he managed to reorganize the store structure while assembling a team dedicated to bolstering the store’s brand in the Los Angeles market. 

He also consistently builds an excellent reputation as a top talented problem solver, enjoying promoting the store while improving its efficiency following his competency in hands-on experience and focus on his analytical skills. Faycal still shares proven strategies to be implemented and common insight to ensure smooth store operations, and it ensures the brand meets its set sales targets.

In his career, Faycal has also excelled in the luxury fashion and jewelry market and watched in the USA, Middle East, and Europe, which made him a critical individual in large-scale integrations,  SAPflagship boutique launches, and pop-up developments. Based on his excellency, he also combines technical acumen with an entirely collaborative management style in big and small projects, which allows him to collaborate and connect with vendors and colleagues at all levels from different cultural backgrounds.

Faycal is also a famous broker in Beverly Hills, California, with nine years of experience in the real estate business. The real estate license number 3271853 was issued to Rafiq, Faycal on 29 March 2013, which is currently active. The address listed on Faycal Rafiq’s license document is 152 S Roxbury Dr #3, Beverly Hills, California, 90212. The license is effective from 06 April 2019 and will expire on 31 March 2022.


Following on Faycal Rafiq – an experienced Marketer’s career background and achievement, we can attest to him as a reliable professional who will open heartily to help all his clients meet their needs beyond their expectations. He also enjoys swimming, running, cooking, and spending time with his family and children while not at work. With his understanding capabilities regarding the client’s needs, he’s the most considered specialist whenever people intend to engage in the real estate business.