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Mechanical Engineers play an essential role in many areas, including the automotive or manufacturing domain. Undeniably they are an ideal of diligence for every effort they put into their work and design. From designing to creating everything from a small component to a big plant or machinery, Mechanical Engineers play a critical role everywhere. 

It is always better to have more than one skill to stand one step higher from others in this competitive world. And in the field of engineering, Enoch Mayfields is one such diligent mechanical engineer who is a creative thinker, good learner, great machinist, and a great problem-solver.

One of the prominent names in the world of mechanical engineers is Enoch Mayfields. Enoch made a mark in this industry with his skills backed by his hard work, creative thinking, and determination. He is great at providing ideal and effective solutions to boost the development of products and processes. Moreover, he put in continuous efforts to actualize what people dream about. 

Some of the Responsibilities performed by Enoch Mayfields –

● Developing and analyzing designs

● Conducting correlation testing for components

● Evaluating damage

● Synthesizing product departments, material developers, and strategic suppliers

● Generating system concepts to fulfill product requirements

● Obtain and visit technical details to implement technical or mechanical models

● Handle the purchase change orders, purchase requisitions

● Coordinating with CAD designers for pilot and prototype detailed design

● Conducting all the tasks in coordination with the team as well as a leader 

● Conducting all mechanical tasks efficiently

Enoch Mayfields has spent a major section of his time repairing, inspecting, and handling power tools. For the last 5 years, Enoch has been serving a reputed company in Massachusetts. Also, he holds experience in designing produced devices and mechanical products, and sensory devices for the plant. He is an analytical, creative, curious, and detail-oriented person.

Key skills Enoch has as a mechanical engineer:

● Creativity

● Problem-solving skills

● Ability to work under pressure

● Effective technical skills

● Team working skills

● Commercial awareness

● Verbal and written communication skills

● Interpersonal skills

According to Enoch, mechanical engineers have specific roles and responsibilities in the industries. For example, engineers must provide guidance and design alongside developing more advanced ways of producing a tool or an object. In addition, it is the responsibility of the mechanical engineers to solve complex problems where in-depth data analysis and evaluation of a situation are needed to meet the industry’s and client’s requirements.