Launching a new business is hard, but not impossible. Whether it is a marketing agency or a technical firm, growing a startup is a different challenge for entrepreneurs. But with the kind advice of Chris Salis, who is a startup expert and counselor in California, you can achieve the desired growth. If you follow these five simple steps, you will be well on your way to success.

Get your offices ready

When it comes to office space, it’s important to find somewhere that fits your needs. There are several things you should look for when looking for office space. The first is location: where will your customers be? Are there any other companies in the area that you can collaborate with? Will an environment near public transportation help attract employees and clients alike?

Another thing to consider is how much room you’ll need. Do you have lots of employees coming and going at all hours of the day and night or do most people work remotely from home offices during their lunch breaks on Mondays through Fridays between 8 am-5 pm (when they are not using their phones in bed)? 

Chris Salis shares that you might want a large open room so everyone can see each other working. Remember not everyone has what it takes to be around others all day long without distractions like televisions playing sports games or loud music being. 

He further adds that no one likes being disturbed by someone who’s talking loudly on their phone while typing something into a spreadsheet at full volume while staring at their computer screen instead of looking up when someone walks by them.

Get your logo design

Chris Salis emphasizes the need to design your logo. It is the first important thing that represents your startup. For this, you need to hire a logo designer. You can do this by going on free online services, or you can ask your friends for recommendations. When working with the designer, make sure that you have clear communication about what you want and what feels your brand should have. The logo needs to be consistent with the branding of your start-up and must look professional. It should also be memorable and easy to understand at first glance.

Make a business plan

A business plan is a written document that provides your business with a clear direction and focus. A good business plan should give you a clear idea of how you will implement your goals and objectives, as well as provide you with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions about how to proceed.

According to Chris Salis, you should write a business plan if:

  • You want to fund from investors or banks
  • You need to convince someone else (partners, employees) of the feasibility of your venture
  • You have no idea where to start in terms of operations or finances

Have a launch party

If you’re looking to grow your startup, it’s important to have a launch party. A launch party is an event held at the end of a project or product that signals its completion and introduces it to the public. You can have a launch party at home or in a public place like a bar or restaurant.

Your website should be ready before this event so people know where they can find out more about what you offer. Also, make sure that you have social media pages set up so anyone who attends your event can follow updates from your business throughout its lifespan. Make sure that all of these things are ready and working properly:

  • A logo for your company
  • A business plan (if possible)
  • Budget for marketing strategies

Make friends with other startups

There are many benefits to networking with other startups. For one thing, they’re a great source of advice. Startups are always looking for new ways to grow their business, so if you need advice about how to grow your startup or what works well for other startups, then startups will be able to help you out there. 

Another reason why making friends with other startups is important is because most people don’t have time on their hands anymore due to our fast-paced society today where everyone is constantly busy trying not only to maintain jobs but also to keep up with their families too (if not both). 


Now that you have a good idea of what it takes to set up a successful startup, there are a lot of things that need to happen for your company to grow and thrive. You’ll need to put in the hours, make sacrifices, be flexible, take risks and make mistakes. But don’t worry, you will always keep your head up if you follow Chris Salis’s strategies to grow your startup.

Chris Salis has always been a pioneer and continuously serves entrepreneurs around California and helping them increase their revenue. Chris Salis, who is a graduate of Purdue University, is an experienced tech enthusiast who spent his life exploring many technical giants like SAP and assisting them in their growth. Currently, he is an independent SAP specialist and startup advisor.