Are you considering starting an occupation as a truck driver?

The COVID-19 epidemic has led to a number of people changing jobs due to one or the other. The trucking industry is growing and has many advantages like a high pay rate and a flexible work schedule, so many people choose a career as a truck driver.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that making the change will be effortless because operating the heavy-duty truck isn’t the same as driving your typical sedan. There are specific skills you will only acquire at a truck driving academy. Which one is the best?

Here are some suggestions to help you select the best class 3 driving school in Edmonton.


For the majority of students, the cost of the course is one of the significant aspects when choosing the right Truck driving course. Naturally, you’re not looking to pay excessively. However, that does not mean that you should pick the most affordable school you could locate.

Schools that provide training at low cost do not focus on quality. They make fees affordable to ensure that they have high enrollment levels to make money. So, you’ll waste your money.

You’re trying to find the right compromise between price and quality. Examine different schools and look at their fees and programs. Compare them to determine which offers the best value for your money.

Timeline of the Program

Being a good truck driver requires time. There are numerous schools that claim to get you certified and on the market in two to three weeks. However appealing that may seem, you’ll not be ready in that period of time. In addition, many companies will not employ you even if you’re certified due to how long the course is.

The duration of the course is contingent on the level of education you’re seeking. For instance, a class 1 driver’s training typically runs over six weeks and requires 244 hours. You’ll need to commit both your time and effort to the training program if you wish to build a career out working on trucks.

Don’t attend an institution that offers instant accreditation. It won’t do you any good. Find a school that provides quality instruction with the theoretical and practical aspects.

Instructor Selection

After you’ve narrowed your choices of driving schools by price and length, you’ll need to determine how diverse the instructor pool is in the institution. Schools that are of high quality rely on a variety of instructors to cover a range of aspects of the program.

Ask about the instructors of the course you intend to choose, and then check their credentials and experiences. It will allow you to determine whether they’ve got something of high quality to offer.

Employment & Graduation Rate

Examining the graduation rate as well as the job rate is crucial to assess the caliber of the driving school. It is not worth choosing a school that has poor rates in the other way. The school will be useless to you.

Schools that have high rates of employment typically have a job placement program. Be sure to check it out. It is a big difference in the event that you have contacts at the college that can assist you in finding employment.

The Final Verdict

Do not rush when choosing the best class 3 driving school in Edmonton. Be patient and do your study. Then you will be able to locate an institution that can provide you with a quality education.