Michael Tristan Tolston
Michael Tristan Tolston

Having a good memory seems like a desirable thing in life. However, it’s either you have it or not. You may walk into a room and completely don’t recall what brought you in. you may also walk out of the grocery store only to realize you forgot that package of flour. Fatalistic thinking can lead to negative self-talk that is psychologically harmful and can be difficult to overcome. But many thanks to Michael Tristan Tolston, a research psychologist, since there are techniques that can help you improve your memory and think more creatively. Based on psychological and neuroscientific research, people can improve their memories. Therefore, they improve their capacity to learn new things and combine the information creatively. Here are some of how you can improve your memory.

  • Saying it Aloud

In some instances, you may see people talking to themselves while trying to remember something. It may seem odd, but it is psychological. Psychological research has found that saying aloud what you remember is an effective technique that leads to better retention.

  • Improve Your Sleeping Routine

Did you know that sleeping is more than just resting your body and mind? However, Michael Tristan Tolston‘s research has shown that your brain is still hard at work during sleep. While sleeping, your memories are consolidated, and as a result, they are strengthened and passed on to the brain’s long-term storage. For effectiveness and enjoying the benefits of long-term storage, it would help if you sleep for about 7-8 hours each night. 

  • Repetition

constantly reviewing and reminding ourselves what we want to remember is important. According to research, the probability of actively recalling a piece of information decreases over time and reputation helps reduce our forgetfulness. Rather than mindlessly repeating information to stick, it would be better to work hard the first time so that repetition is more effective and doesn’t have to happen as often. 

  • Actively encord

It may not help to read and reread text mindlessly or passively absorb information. Actively engage the data by identifying the key themes and fitting them into your broader understanding of the world. Try figuring out the meaning of the content and try answering them. 

Conclusion along with this helpful tip, don’t forget to maintain a healthy balanced diet to help in boosting your brainpower. With perseverance and practice, almost anyone can develop a great memory. Michael Tristan Tolston mainly focuses on assisting people to become more productive and efficient in their work environment.